Who Did Melissa Roxburgh Play in the Supernatural?

Melissa Roxburgh

You may be wondering, “Who did Melissa Roxburgh play in supernatural?” You may be surprised to learn that she starred in several different television shows, including Stranger Things and The Exorcist. While her credits as Violet Duval and Lila Taylor are countless, there’s still a lot more to her story than meets the eye. Let’s take a look.

Lila Taylor

Melissa Roxburgh is an American actress who plays the role of Lila Taylor on the TV series Supernatural. She has also appeared in two other series, such as the Diary of a Wimpy Kid movies and Arrow. She has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

British Columbia

Roxburgh was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on December 10, 1992. She first got her start in acting when she was only seventeen. Her first role was in the movie Diary of a Wimpy Kid. After that, she landed a lead role in the 2016 film Lost Solace. She is a dual citizen of Canada and the United States.

Seventy-Five Percent

After playing the lead role in Valor, Roxburgh went on to star in various other films and TV shows. Her popularity skyrocketed and she has been in more than seventy-five percent of the movies she has starred in. Roxburgh is an exceptionally talented actress who has done some excellent acting in a wide variety of movies.

Born on December 10, 1992, Roxburgh possesses a petite but curvy body type. She wears a 34B bra size and is 5’5″ tall. She also has a keen interest in social justice issues.

Violet Duval

Melissa Roxburgh has landed a major role as Violet Duval on the hit show “Supernatural: Bloodlines.” This spinoff of the popular show explores the world of the paranormal from another point of view. Roxburgh has previously starred on Arrow and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

Roxburgh began her acting career at the age of seventeen. She first starred in the 2011 film Diary of a Wimpy Kid sequel Rodrick Rules, and has since landed several small roles and guest roles in various films. She also starred in the Supernatural spin-off Bloodlines, and in the 2018 film Valor.

Michaela Stone

Roxburgh is a Canadian actress best known for her role as Michaela Stone on Manifest. She is 28 years old and wears a 34B bra size. Her first major role was on Rodrick Rules, which she reprised in Dog Days. She has since appeared in many movies and television shows, including Big Time Movie and Leprechaun: Origins. She also played Ensign Syl in Star Trek Beyond. Most recently, she starred as Thea in Valor.

Melissa Roxburgh has two siblings – an older sister and a younger sister. Her parents are Canadian and British, and she grew up in Vancouver. Her mother was a professional tennis player and her father was a pastor. She later moved to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career, but she still remains close to her family in Vancouver.


The actress has recently announced that she will be joining the cast of the spinoff series of the hit show, “Supernatural.” The series is titled “Bloodlines” and will replace its original subtitle, “Tribes.” Roxburgh has appeared in episodes of Supernatural, including “Time After Time.” Stephen Martines and Nathaniel Buzolic will also appear. Heroes star Danielle Savre is set to play Margo. “Bloodlines” will focus on Mafia-like monster families that are being tracked by a hunter.

Melissa Roxburgh is a Canadian actress who gained fame as the lead in the NBC drama “Manifest.” She is currently 26 years old and has starred in several movies and television shows. In addition to acting, Roxburgh has been active in humanitarian causes. She is a member of the International Rescue Committee (IRC), an organization that provides assistance and aid to displaced people in third-world countries. Roxburgh has used social media to spread the word about her work with the IRC.

Final Words:

Roxburgh was born in Canada and raised in Canada. She began acting when she was a teenager and landed her first major role in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules. She followed this up with a role in “Dog Days,” playing Heather Hills. She has since appeared in a number of films, including “Big Time Movie” and “Leprechaun: Origins.” Her other notable credits include roles in “Skyfall” and “Bloodlines.” She is the mother of three daughters and is a dual citizen of the United States and Canada.

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