Lamar Van Dusen: Accounting in Modern World


Accounting is an extremely significant concept in today’s culture. It is a career for men and women who have their sights set on top positions in industry

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You may be aware that the advancement of current commercial organizations is increasing on a daily basis. Accounting is an extremely significant concept in today’s culture. It is a career for men and women who have their sights set on top positions in industry, management, government, and general business at the outset of their careers. Accounting is an essential requirement for every businessperson, from the owner of a gas station to the US government according to Lamar Van Dusen. It is really significant in our society. Accounting is responsible for the current business world’s achievements. Actually, it is not only an excellent recording procedure, but it also gives various forms of information for businesses and governments to run their operations smoothly and effectively. Accounting is now used in a variety of ways by the government and corporate institutions to assist them to operate their businesses efficiently and productively. The importance of accounting in today’s business is highlighted further down.

  • Competitive Market

In today’s country and international company, there is fierce competition. As a result, if a company wants to keep track of its operations and compete, accounting should be its first choice. In fact, business technology has improved in terms of performing business functions, operations, and so on. Because of the advancement of modern technology, accounting’s importance in modern business is growing by the day. Controlling all private business organizations to the government for effective accounting control in a company organization has become much easier. Otherwise, it is critical to maintaining correct bookkeeping in order to secure government backing.

  • Profit and Loss

Accounting aids in the determination of a company’s profit and loss. If a company keeps track of its transactions properly, it will not experience any losses. In reality, every corporate entity seeks to profit from its operations. The head of an organization wants to know the state of profit and loss, and accounting can aid them a lot at that point as per Lamar Van Dusen. Accounting plays a critical part in determining the profit and loss of any type of corporate organization. Accounting’s function in the valuation of goods is limitless. There is a safeguard against damage, which is that if the organization sets its price based on profit, the business institution will not be harmed.

  • Appraisal of Financial Condition

The status of the assets, liabilities, and owner’s equity is referred to as financial position or condition. Actually, several parties are involved in observing the financial situation or position that the business generates with the use of accounting. An organization’s internal analysts desire to obtain financial statements in order to make decisions about the company’s future direction. In large corporations, the owners and shareholders do not operate the company as told by Lamar Van. The major business is run by the managing director and salaried personnel. In this case, high-level personnel must use accounting to protect the interests of owners and shareholders. As a result, accounting is also beneficial to the organization at this time.

  • Financial Statements

Accounting is in charge of ensuring that financial business statements are correct. Accounting generates financial statements as well as data on creditors and investors. The corporation achieves a solid financial performance by utilizing the financial statement. A corporate entity cannot be run or underestimated without reliable financial statements. A corporate organization can take some required efforts to increase its profit margins. However, they will require the entire record of a corporate organization for this phase. Accounting must be able to keep the essential data, correct errors, and take the necessary procedures. The role of accounting in the company, on the other hand, is evolving with time as modern technology evolves. lamar dusen Accounting’s job in the current world should be modern in order to provide accurate financial statements. As a result, we can conclude that accounting plays a critical role in modern business.

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