Kris McGinn – A Famous Reporter and Yoga Enthusiast

Kris McGinn - A Famous Reporter and Yoga Enthusiast

Kris McGinn is a famous reporter who has made a name for herself on multiple platforms. The former CNN correspondent is currently dating a millionaire, Scott Borgerson. The pair have co-founded a company that is expected to be worth $100 million by 2020. They have been spotted on romantic dates, but have yet to confirm their relationship. While they are both popular on TV, they have not spoken publicly about their relationship.

Kris McGinn is a journalist

Kris McGinn is a local journalist and yoga enthusiast who lives in the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts. She has not revealed the exact date of her birth, but is believed to earn a good salary. She has two sons from a previous relationship with TV personality Scott Borgerson. While they are no longer together, the couple remains close and spend a great deal of time together.

Kris McGinn has a passion for yoga and is a frequent instructor at local yoga studios. She is also the author of a book on the subject. She’s also been linked to businessman Scott Borgerson, who owns a startup company called the Shaman Project. However, the two have yet to speak publicly about their relationship.

Kris McGinn was born on October 22, 1970, in a small town in New Jersey. She has not revealed the exact date of her birth, and her family members do not share their information on the internet. She is a tall woman, although it’s unknown how tall she really is. Her appearance and personality are both very pleasing. She is of white ethnicity.

Kris McGinn is a local journalist and yoga instructor. She has a large following on Instagram and has not talked about her relationship with Borgerson in public. She enjoys yoga and taking pictures of food. She married Borgerson in 2006, but the relationship did not last long. She hasn’t mentioned her relationship with Borgerson publicly, but sources close to her said she spends her free weekends with her new husband. During the bail proceedings last year, Maxwell claimed she was married to Mr Borgerson. He claimed that the marriage would keep her in the United States and make her less of a flight risk.


McGinn and Borgerson have been spotted out on walks with their dogs. Both have never made a move to keep their relationship hidden from the public. Interestingly, McGinn is a divorced journalist who lives in a luxurious home in Boston. She has a dog and a $1.2 million mansion.

She is a yoga enthusiast

Kris McGinn is a yoga enthusiast who teaches yoga classes in Boston. She also runs her own website. In addition to her yoga classes, she writes about her love interest, Scott Borgerson, a local journalist who has a large ass. The two have been dating for over a year now.

Kris McGinn has been linked to a number of men, including Scott Borgerson, who founded The Shaman Project, and his ex-wife. It is unclear if the two are still dating, but they’re definitely serious about each other. They share a passion for yoga and fitness.

Kris McGinn is a yoga enthusiast, who enjoys posting pictures of food on her Instagram account. She has 96 followers. She also enjoys covering the culture trends and is a regular yoga practitioner. She is a fitness freak and has an active Instagram account. She also takes pictures of her food. She’s been spotted out and about in the Manchester area for a year now. The two are not publicly talking about their relationship. Kris McGinn has an active Instagram account with 96 followers.

Borgerson has been seen with McGinn, as they walk their dogs together. The couple was also photographed kissing, so it’s not a secret that the two are dating. McGinn, who recently separated from her husband, has two children. They live together in Manchester-by-the-Sea, a posh Boston neighborhood.

Kris McGinn is a yoga enthusiast who blogs about sports. She runs her own website called Manchester Cricket and is active on Instagram. The two have been dating for over a year, but the relationship is not yet public. The two are serious about their relationship. They are both yoga enthusiasts, but they haven’t made their relationship public.

Kris McGinn’s date of birth and hometown are unknown. However, her career is making her a decent income. Although she has never confirmed a relationship, she has been reported to be dating the famous local TV personality Scott Borgerson.

She is in a new relationship with Scott Borgerson

Kris McGinn is a 49-year-old local journalist who has been linked to a new man, Scott Borgerson. The couple have been seen together a number of times. Borgerson is a tech entrepreneur who writes for a local newspaper. Despite a lack of official confirmation, the two have been photographed together on several occasions, including a trip to New Zealand. The couple are also known to practice yoga together.

In June, it was reported that Borgerson and McGinn were dating. It was not known when the pair first met, but the pair met at a local beer shop. The two have been seen kissing several times. The two are known to be bubbly about their relationship. The couple lives in separate homes, one on the coast of New Hampshire and one in Boston’s trendy Beacon Hill.

It is unclear when the two first met, but both are close. Borgerson and McGinn were caught packing on PDA last week in Manchester-by-the-Sea. They shared a passionate smooch. Borgerson is 14 years younger than Maxwell.

McGinn and Borgerson have been seen walking their dogs together and have met a number of times. They have reportedly moved back to the city after their separation, as the former was unable to keep a private life due to her divorce. Borgerson is also rumored to be persona non grata, according to a neighbor.

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Borgerson and McGinn have been together for more than a year. The couple are still in a relationship, but it is unclear whether their relationship will lead to marriage. The couple have yet to discuss the details of their relationship. There is no official confirmation, but fans can be a little bit curious.

The two met while working together on ocean preservation projects. The two began an affair. The two lived in a 6,000-square-foot house together before they were split by Maxwell’s wife. Borgerson’s involvement has fueled speculation that he has connections with the Trump administration.

Scott Borgerson and Kris McGinn have been spotted together several times, though neither of them has confirmed their romance. While it is unclear whether they are dating, it’s important to note that both are yoga enthusiasts. Although there are no official details about the relationship, they are clearly serious about it.

She is in the process of divorcing her husband

Kris Mcginn, who is going through a divorce from her husband of seven years, has been linked to a mysterious man. The two have been linked for the past year and a half and have been seen on dates. McGinn is a yoga devotee, and she has recently published a book about the practice.

The couple has two sons from their previous relationship and live in a $2.4 million oceanfront mansion that they share. The couple lived in California before moving to Massachusetts. Kris McGinn Straub wrote under her married name until June 2020, and she reverted to her maiden name in September 2020. The pair are close, and Kris spends much of her time at her oceanfront mansion.

Kris McGinn has been in the media for years. Her career as a journalist has helped her earn a good income. She is also rumored to be dating an American businessman, Scott Borgerson, who is “very connected to the Trump administration.” Both Kris McGinn and Scott Borgerson co-founded a company called CargoMetrics Technologies LLC, which is rumored to be worth $100 million by 2020.

Kris McGinn, 49, is a yoga lover and a local journalist. She used to live in a $2.4 million mansion with her husband, Maxwell. According to sources close to her, Kris McGinn spends every weekend with Mr. Borgerson, who is a successful businessman. In 2016, during her bail applications, her husband revealed that she was married. He claimed that this would help her stay in the United States and lessen her flight risk.

According to court documents, the couple married in July 2020. During that time, Maxwell transferred his assets to the trust controlled by Borgerson. The couple also has a 13-year-old son and a 10-year-old daughter. It is unclear whether Borgerson has any involvement with Epstein’s crimes.

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