A Look at the Criminal Record of Justin Goldsby

Justin Goldsby

Justin Goldsby spent many years in foster care in Washington state before he was convicted of murder. He had previously been charged with raping a girl and stabbing another person. After pleading guilty in December of 2019, Goldsby was transferred to the state prison in Airway Heights in Washington state. At sentencing, his lawyers said he apologized to Munger’s family.

Niecko Goldsby

Justin and Niecko Goldsby are the fathers of two famous children. Both men are 42 years old and active in the entertainment industry. Justin is a successful businessman and his two sons, Niecko and Avis, are famous. However, their relationship was not clear. According to a Washington State Department of Corrections investigation, the two were cellmates at different correctional facilities. The men were subsequently transferred to different facilities.

The two met at Airway Heights Correctional Center in Spokane County, Washington. They then snuck up on Munger in a common area and beat him unconscious. Munger later died. Goldsby later pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and was sentenced to 298 months in prison, which is nearly 25 years. During his sentencing, he apologized to the Munger family and said he regrets the attack.

Shane Goldsby

After Shane Goldsby was convicted of killing a man in his car, his lawyer said that his client was a victim of child abuse. When he was younger, Goldsby was taken to ten different foster homes. He was eventually rescued by child services. But once he found his way back home, he became addicted to drugs. At the age of 22, Goldsby was in prison. He was placed in an intensive management unit and later transferred to an Airway Heights prison.

In June 2020, Shane Goldsby pleaded guilty to murdering his cellmate, Robert Munger. Munger had been serving a 43-year prison term for child rape, child molestation, and possession of child pornography. The two men had a history of violence and argued that the prison staff set up the situation. However, a Washington State Patrol investigation concluded that no staff knew that the two were connected.

Goldsby had no memory of committing the crime. He had a crush on the woman, who had raped his sister. They had a tense conversation and eventually confronted her, who was beaten unconscious by Goldsby. The woman died three days later. The pair had a history of violent behavior, and their crimes included stabbing another person and making a false statement.

During his sentencing, Goldsby broke down in tears, begging the family of Munger to forgive him. Munger, a convicted pedophile, had attacked Goldsby’s sister when she was a minor. He tried to read a prepared statement, but his attorney had to finish it.

Robert Munger

A year ago, Robert Munger and Justin Goldsby were placed in the same cell and Goldsby began to tell him about crimes he committed while in prison. The men were in violation of a prison rule that forbids cellmates from sharing space. The incident prompted an independent investigation, which determined that the two men were not properly screened.

The investigation revealed that Goldsby and Munger were in fact a single cell, and the killers had a history of rape and molestation. In addition to rape and child molestation, Munger also had possession of child pornography. Goldsby had been in the same cell with Munger, and the two acted out of rage. In fact, the men were so angry with each other that Goldsby beat him unconscious, and he died three days later.


Goldsby was initially charged with first-degree murder for the crime, but was later downgraded to second-degree murder. He was given a longer prison term so that his wife would not have to see him complete his sentence. In spite of the lengthy jail term, Goldsby has already apologized to Munger’s family and said he regrets his actions.

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Police are investigating the motives behind the murders. Goldsby admitted to killing Munger after he saw photos of Munger raping a woman. The men then stomped on Munger’s head repeatedly and knocked him to the ground. The victim later died from his injuries in the hospital.

The two men are related and are 42 years old. Both are involved in the entertainment industry. Their children are well-known. Goldsby is a successful businessman and is the father of Avis and Niecko Goldsby.

Shane Goldsby’s family

Shane Goldsby is a murder suspect who hasn’t spoken publicly about the crime, but there is some evidence suggesting that he was set up by police authorities. It is believed that he killed an old man who raped his younger sister, who was at the time an underage girl. There is a large volume of information about Goldsby on Reddit, but there is no official statement yet from his family.

Goldsby has a long history of criminality. He has been in and out of prison since he was 22 years old. His crimes include stealing a police car, abusing a police officer and having twenty altercations with correctional officers. He was transferred to Airway Heights Correctional Center in June 2020. After the alleged attack, police responded two hours later. Goldsby claimed he never intended to hurt Munger and that he didn’t know his victim until they got into a vehicle.

Goldsby’s sentence includes more than 25 years in prison. After serving his time, he will be eligible for parole. Upon his release, he must also pay restitution to the Munger family. The amount of restitution will be determined at a later date. The sentence was originally 33 years, but the prosecution and defense agreed to reduce it so that the Munger family would be able to see him out of prison.

Goldsby’s family claims that he was innocent of the crime. The family claims the suspect was set up by guards. However, the Washington State Patrol investigation revealed that the staff at the prison were not aware that the two had any connections.

Justin Goldsby’s criminal record

Justin Goldsby’s criminal record is very extensive. He has been arrested and convicted of multiple crimes, including rape and sex crimes. Goldsby spent many years in foster care and spent time in jail. He was once charged with stabbing someone and raping another girl. He was found guilty of murdering Munger in December of 2019. His lawyers said he apologized to the family of Munger during the sentencing process. He was transferred to Airway Heights prison in Washington.

In his court appearance, Goldsby pleaded guilty to the charges and was sentenced to more than three years in jail. He was also ordered to pay restitution to the Munger family, a sum to be determined later. While he would have gotten a 33-year sentence, the judge decided to cut his sentence to three years because the woman’s wife wouldn’t live to see him finish his prison sentence.

According to the Washington State Patrol, the corrections staff followed protocol when handling Goldsby’s case. In addition, both men were never seen trying to transfer Goldsby out of their cells. An eyewitness to the incident stated that the men talked to each other about Goldsby’s mother and never tried to transfer him to a different cell.

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