Is it Still Relevant to Build Websites with PHP in 2021?

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From the very earlier, PHP has been one of the most versatile and open-source web development languages in the technology world. It provides you many prominent features, a range of functionalities, an amazing array of add-ins to extend functionalities, and tremendous online community support has made PHP a perennial favorite amongst newbies and established development agencies worldwide.

Following are the top reasons to build websites with PHP in 2021:

Open Source: 

This is the major benefit of PHP that you don’t require any licensing fees to use the PHP platform. You can use it anywhere at any time. While converting your smart ideas into reality with the help of code, control is very important. In Php you can keep control over codes. So, you can easily customize & tailor the product as you like.


Because of its user-friendly feature, it is the first choice for many website developers. It is easy to use and unlike other programming languages; it is clean & well organized.

From the facts; you don’t need any study material to learn, even if you are a beginner you can easily catch up with PHP command functions. Eventually, coding in PHO is not a big deal as it is similar to the C language. If you are familiar with C then you can easily code PHP.

Effortless Database Connection: 

As PHP has its built-in module, which makes the entire database process much easier. That is one of the major reason why it has a very good demand for PHP web Development Company.

Popular websites that use PHP

Today, more than 80% of websites all over the Internet are built with PHP. But you might be interested in which really large platforms have used this programming language. Following are the top giants in the industry using PHP:

  • Facebook 25.7B Monthly Estimated Visits
  • Wikipedia 15B Monthly Estimated Visits
  • Yahoo 4.8B Monthly Estimated Visits
  • Flickr 65.44M Monthly Estimated Visits
  • Tumbler 328.9M Monthly Estimated Visits

Less vulnerable: 

PHP offers built-in security features that protect the website from several security threats. Although there are prevails about open-source being insecure, however, PHP refrains itself from those opinions. Plus, if you Hire PHP Developers, they can simply ignore common threats like data tampering, SQL injections, & more.

Highly Scalable: 

PHP is a highly flexible platform. However, PHP offers unique features. Here you can modify the script at any point in time and will save you a lot of time.


You can easily execute PHP script faster than other platforms with several independent benchmarks, which makes it compete with its alternatives such as ASP.NET, JSP, PERL, PHP 5.0 was fully refurbished with an upgraded memory-optimized performance. One of the top benefits is a third-party accelerator is also available to enhance additional performance and response time.


PHP has Flexibility, nativity, multiple integration opportunities, and high speed are among the major reasons why we use PHP in our web projects. Shiv Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. is one of the Best PHP Development Company. With the help of our dedicated PHP developers, you may develop your website that can create your ideal brand value among your competitors.

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