Instacruze: An Overview Of Instagram’s Latest Updates On Story


It is undoubtedly challenging to stay on top of the biggest social media channels. You have to tweak your Instagram formula consistently to gain new audiences. To cope with the changing landscape, you have to follow the trends. As a creator, you should be updated with the latest features. Instagram now allows to create videos with various latest features like stories, reels, feeds, etc. One of the most accessible and popular features among users is Instagram reels. 

Instagram reels, in general, drive higher engagement and high usage among the audience. Creating reels is entertaining; most beginners only start their Instagram journey with reels. Instagram reels are short, engaging videos that run for only 60 seconds. Even if it looks like a replica of tiktok videos, Instagram reels have a different fan base due to their features. Many brands jump into performing reels as it reaches a wide audience range. Furthermore, if you are looking forward to increasing your credibility, you may buy automatic instagram story views and shall go viral. 

Let’s dive into the article to understand better Instagram’s latest updates and how you can utilize them. Let’s begin!

Major Instagram Reels Updates Of 2022

  1. Video Posts As Reels

All video posts will be automatically shared as Reels. As of June, Instagram has tested the idea for select users by turning their videos into reels. The selected users with notifications regarding the test can view their videos in the reels tab. In the upcoming weeks, clips shorter than 15 minutes will be shared as reels. If you are a fresher on Instagram and have no idea how to create a reel, you can watch the Instagram Reels tutorial and may get an idea. 

  1. Making Reels Images Shareable 

Unless a creator of the function of not able to take up their posts, anybody can use your posts or pictures in their own reels. Other creators can even take still images of your posts and can enhance their reels. It is more beneficial for paid partnerships and influencers to quickly take up the brand images and post them on their account. 

So it may be helpful for businesses to promote their ideas to a broader audience base. If you want to control your pictures being widespread, you can go to the privacy settings and click on the ‘Reels and remix.’ Now click on the three dots, and you can turn the function off for your ‘individual posts.’ 

  1. Increase In Reels Time

From here on, there will be no significant differences between video posts and reels. They are going to be merged into applications. Similar to reels, video posts will also be available in full-screen as it is engaging more. Additionally, reels will not be short anymore. The length of the reels is about to be 90 seconds. Instagram has expanded the opportunity to deliver more detailed content in your videos. As reels are shown in vertical screen orientation, they should be recorded as such. The horizontal videos are letterboxed and made fit to post on Instagram. 

  1. Brand-New Instagram Tools

Instagram has recently launched a choice of creative layouts for remixes and reels as follows, 

  • New remix layouts include a green screen, horizontal or vertical split-screen, and picture-in-picture layout. 
  • As per the older features, the reels are made side by side on the screen, i.e., the original reels on one side and the creating reels on the other. But now, with the enhancement, the original reel will be seen first, and you can create a reel on a full screen in a sequence. 
  • Now other creators can access your reels template and use it on their videos. With new gadgets, it is possible to create videos with a scene and your reaction simultaneously. You can achieve this by using dual cameras. 
  1. You Can Import Your Audio

After Instagram was taken by meta, it rolled out various new features. Instagram now allows importing your own audio directly to the Instagram reels. Instagram now encourages creators to make videos with the original audio. Even for still images, you can add your favorite audio. If you create great audio for your original videos, then it may be used by another reel creator. If you plan to showcase your popularity, try to buy Instagram impressions and instantly acquire more followers. 

  1. Other Updates

You can pin your favorite feeds so that they can appear on top of the feeds. For example, brands can pin their top selling products so that it may improve their sales. If the best products appear on top of the feeds, the shoppers will feel easy to purchase a product. Another interesting brand-new feature is auto-generated captions on reels. When you upload a reel, Instagram itself will turn on automatic captions. It is more helpful in hearing impairment people. 

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Wrapping Up

With the above-discussed features, you can improve your reels and uplift your chances of higher reach. If you want to make your profile rank higher on Instagram, you may try using Instacruze for better results. We hope the article helps you to think out of the box and enhance your performance on reels. Thanks for reading!

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