How Voice Assistants Are Useful For a Business

How Voice Assistants Are Useful For a Business

Apple’s Siri showed us a new way of engaging with technology; it made access not just a touch away, but only a verbal command away. Meaning we could not have our phone in our hands, be driving, cooking dinner and still be able to command Siri to look up a GPS direction for us, run a simple google search for a particular recipe, place a call to someone, or send a text message. That was us entering the era of voice assistants. Since then, Google has come up with its own voice assistant known as the Google Assistant, Amazon has the infamous Alexa, and Microsoft also joined the party with Cortana. Apple’s Siri still stays, and continues to be one of the best voice assistants still available. 

If you’re reading this, chances are you already know about voice assistants. All leading global tech giants have launched more of their products that can be powered with voice technology. We know the examples already, and there’s something for everyone in the market to choose from. 2021 is projected to see 132 million people using voice assistants and that is just in the US. 

Since Siri and now many, voice assistants have quickly become a part of our lives and most of us now rely on them to perform routine operations such as making a music playlist, sending or reading out emails, responding to texts and even controlling other smart devices around the house. Choosing which one will be the best voice assistant for you depends on your needs, budget, and access but we cannot deny that they all offer many benefits, even more so for a business. Let us shed some light on the variety of advantages it can add to your business.


Benefits of Voice Assistants for Businesses

  1. Better Customer Support

Online shopping and customer queries are active 24/7 then why shouldn’t your customer care department be as well? With voice assistant in place, you don’t need to worry about responding to customers at odd hours, or even having to hire someone to take care of the responsibility for you. A digital voice assistant is robotic and will do the task as required without demanding time off and we wonder what more would you want from some of the best software that offer voice assistants. 


  1. More Efficient Operations

Artificial Intelligence assistance is a technology for the future. It’s smart enough to converse with us, and do as we please. One of its core advantages for businesses includes its ability to detect and perform operations when given a command – whether it is verbal or through programming. 

With a voice assistant in your office, you do not have to worry about routine tasks such as booking appointments, scheduling meetings and calls, creating your calendar, and simultaneously having to keep up with deadlines and important dates. Voice assistants become your literal virtual assistants in the office, so while the real assistant sitting outside the office may have forgotten about one thing while being caught up with work, your Voice Assistant will be there to fill in. These assistants never stop working and can be at your service however you’d like for them to be. 


  1. Speak In Multiple Languages

With a voice assistant, language is no more a barrier. You can expand your business to international clients without needing to hire translators. Voice assistant technology is now coming in integrated with translation service hence making communication in different languages seamless. 

Google Assistant especially can understand and translate 2 different languages and also do numerical counting in them. This feature makes Google Assistant one of the best voice assistants available in the market, so it really sticks out because of this brilliant feature. By integrating translation in your business through a voice assistant, you can converse with more international customers and enhance their customer service experience – leaving you with the advantage of gaining your customers’ loyalty.


  1. Automated Routine Tasks

Voice assistants come with the feature to be programmed with automated routine tasks. Those tasks which have to be periodically performed no matter if the period is daily, weekly, or monthly, they can now be assigned to your voice assistant. This will not only free up your time, but you will also be able to have your employees spend more time on tasks that actually help your business flourish rather than delaying some work to let’s say, rush through a weekly report that they were supposed to submit in the first half of the day and forgot about. It will also open doors for more professional growth for your employees as well. 


If you are ready to dive into the next big step to streamline the operations of your business, we think investing in a voice assistant is a smart choice. In-office help with a virtual assistant like one of the Voice Assistants mentioned above will be something you would be glad to have. These devices also usually feature compact designs that can even fit right into any room you place them. So the next time the office wants to give a Christmas gift to the boss, you know what to suggest!

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