How to Write Attention-Grabbing Company Slogans for You and Your Startup


Writing a company slogan is not something you should take lightly. You are building your brand’s identity, which will affect consumers’ perception of you and your business.

This article will cover how to create catchy company slogans for your business so you can stand out from the crowd.

What is a company slogan?

A company slogan is the brand’s or company’s most prominent and memorable tagline. This is usually a short sentence or phrase that summarizes what your company does, who you are, and why people should care.

For example, VistaCreate’s famous “Design it your way” slogan VistaCreate stands for: innovation, design and creativity. A simple and intuitive online graphic design platform that anyone can use without design skills.

But how do you come up with a catchy slogan like this? How do you get your customers excited to buy your product? Here are some tips on writing catchy company slogans:

Why are they important?

A company slogan is the focal point of your company’s identity. It’s the most important thing you have to say about your company. The slogan should inspire confidence and show potential customers you’re serious about your actions.

A catchy slogan can help attract clients and drive sales when used correctly. It also helps build brand awareness, especially as more people turn to online media to discover products and services.

You’ll want a catchy slogan that resonates with people memorably but is not so apparent that it becomes a liability if you ever have to change it or rework it for legal reasons (i.e., trademark issues).

In short: A good slogan will make people remember your company by association with its name, but not so much that they’ll associate your company with something else or confuse it with another brand altogether.

How to Write a Company Slogan

A good slogan is a short, memorable phrase that describes an organization’s purpose and goals. It’s the kind of thing that would inspire you to buy a product or service, join a cause or invest in a company.

A slogan is more than an advertising tagline; it expresses your brand identity. It should reflect the core values of your business and communicate how you want to be perceived by customers and potential employees.

So how do you create a slogan? Here are five tips to get started:

Make It Simple

Make your company slogan simple yet memorable. In order for people to repeat what you say over and over again, you need to remember what you want to say.

Make It Memorable

Think of a way to make your slogan memorable. If you are looking for something long-lasting, try using alliteration. Alliteration is when two or more words start with the same letter or letter. For example, “The World’s Greatest Company” could be considered an alliteration because the “worlds” are all in one word.

Make It Personal

You can also personalize your slogan using a name or phrase from your company’s history (if there is one).

For example, if you sell teddy bears, you could use “The Teddy Bear Company” as your slogan instead of “The Company”. This way, people will think about your company when they hear the name “Teddy Bear Company”, increasing the chances that they will remember your slogan later on down the road.

Make It Visual

The first step in writing a company slogan is to make it visual. A good motto will be memorable and easily recalled by your customers. A good slogan should also be unique and evoke an emotion in the audience.

Use Alliteration

Alliteration is a technique where you repeat certain words or sounds at the beginning of each line of text. It’s used as a device to help with memorability and can also help create rhythm in your writing. If you’re unfamiliar with it, here’s an example from the movie “Pulp Fiction”: “If you like your eggs big, order them sunny side up.”

Be Concise

An excellent way to make your company slogan concise is to use short sentences with few words. This makes it easier for people to remember what you’re trying to say and helps with clarity.

For example, instead of saying, “We’re the best place for IT support,” try something like “, We provide top-notch IT support.”

Examples of Company Slogans

The following examples of company slogans are from our archives and can be used for inspiration when writing your own.

Example 1: Nike – “Just Do It”

Nike’s slogan is “Just Do It”, created by Nike co-founder and CEO Phil Knight. The goal of the slogan is to encourage people to be the best athlete they can be, regardless of the obstacles that may stand in their way. The slogan motivates people to focus on what they can do rather than what they cannot do.

Example 2: UPS – “What can brown do for you?”

UPS has a slogan called “What can brown do for you?” created by former CEO Rod Canion. The slogan emphasizes the importance of teamwork and partnership to achieve success, which is why UPS supports communities across America through its philanthropic efforts.

Example 3: Apple – “Think Different”

Apple has a slogan called “Think different”, created by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs after he read a quote by philosopher Alan Watts that said, “Change your thoughts, change your life.” The goal of this slogan is to encourage people to think about things differently than they have before when approaching problems or challenges in their lives.

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Final Words

Once you have a firm grasp on what you want your brand to be, you next must create simple, catchy and unique slogans that will show the whole world what your company is all about. Just keep in mind that your slogan has to fit with your brand’s message. It needs to describe who you are and what you represent to the public.

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