How To Style African Wear For Work And Is It Possible


African fashion, how do we talk about this without getting overwhelmed by the colors and richness of its form? When you hear the words “African fashion” what most likely comes to mind are the brightly-colored wax prints known as Ankara which has evolved and comes in varied styles commonly worn on any occasion nowadays. Africa brags about the pit and power of traditional clothes and is even pretty much visible to any African wear for women from the racks of any fashion outlets.

The past couple of years has spotted an enormous rise in the admiration of Ankara fashion in different parts of the world (thanks to social media). These daring, dazzling, and deep-colored garments are usually spotted throughout the fashion streets today, not just at summer festivals and gatherings, but also in workplaces (in workplaces!) and even at formal occasions like weddings and awards nights.

Ankara, a West African word for vibrant colors in African print. They are famous for their dazzling and bold designs of different tribal symbols. Also, they are usually used to ginger up mostly African wear for women, men, and children in addition to accessories, other embellishments, and even home decor.

West African fashion is not only fun and versatile, they are also very comfortable to wear on top of being universally stylish. They are extremely great to liven up small or big gatherings and are the most perfect travel wear for when you finally jump on that Caribbean cruise you have always wanted. And hey! The Christmas season is just around the corner, it’ll be great if you have one of these beautiful, daring African clothes tucked away for holiday shopping.

How To Style African Dresses For Work
When you think about it, only a few women would really imagine themselves wearing a vibrant African dress to work, for the reason that, most of these women have no idea how to style them to look more fitting in the workplace scene.

Keep it Simple
Now, this may be a tricky task since African wear for women tends to be on the colorful side, but this is also not impossible. Choose those that are more on the neutral side of prints for your African maxi skirt and pair it with a plain black or white tank top. For your footwear, choose something that leans more to your skin tone so you will look taller and more confident strutting in that stylish maxi skirt.

Keep it Smart
African wear is very versatile that you can even wear them in the workplace and still look smart and casual. Try to wear this Advance Apparel’s on/off shoulder jumpsuit in brown or black wax print. For the workplace scene, it is recommended that you lean towards neutral prints to maintain the look of authority and confidence in what you wear. To finish the look, wear a pair of high-heeled shoes for a smarter effect.

Soon when everything goes back to the way it used to be, celebrate by going to the office wearing one of your dazzling mid-length African maxi skirts. Advance Apparels’ collection of African wear for women comprises a myriad of one-of-a-kind prints and cuts perfect for work or any type of occasion! Visit Advance Apparels today and pick one that suits you every season, fit for any occasion.

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