How to Speed up Your Mac. Guide for Beginners


Every Mac component has been optimized to allow super performance. Nevertheless, it is essential to keep your Mac running smoothly. It saves the frustration experienced when a computer takes too long to start or open applications. A fast-performing Mac keeps your productivity high and limits the chances of data loss.  

Your Mac will work superbly if you keep your apps updated. You must avoid having too much data stored on your computer. Completely remove annoying applications and make sure the hardware is not faulty. Here are several tips on how to speed up Mac and make it work more efficiently.

Most common reasons why Mac computers may slow down

A new Mac runs smoothly and provides you with optimized performance. Due to continued use, the computer begins to slow due to various reasons. It is necessary to know the reasons and the different ways to optimize Mac performance. 

  • You have installed incompatible apps: Some apps will install on Mac even if they are not compatible. Due to this, they keep interrupting the performance of other compatible apps, including the operating system. 
  • Mac apps are not updated: The applications in your computer need updating often. The developers keep adding new features that make them work better. The macOS needs updating just like the other apps. 
  • Too much data in the storage: Macs have limited storage spaces which sometimes get filled up fast depending on use. Too much data slows performance and causes the computer to hang often. 
  • Faulty hardware: Your computer is composed of several hardware components. It has a CPU, RAM, GPU, fun, and many other parts. If one of them is faulty, it will begin to perform slowly.

Tips on how to speed up your Mac performance

Your Mac could be slow due to age, but many other reasons affect its speed. When you understand them, you will find ways to optimize Mac performance and enjoy increased productivity.

Remove apps that are slowing your Mac

Your computer could be performing poorly because some applications are interrupting the operating system. They could also be interrupting other crucial applications on the computer. Most incompatible apps will not install on Mac, but some have features that allow them to install. They begin affecting the speed of your computer and sometimes cause it to shut down. This is enough reason to start thinking about how to make MacBook run faster. The solution is to completely uninstall apps that are annoying because they will lower your productivity. 

Keep your apps updated

Apps that are not updated are a threat to your Mac’s performance and security. Hackers look for weak applications to gain access to your computer. It is easy for them to penetrate your system if you have not been updating your apps, including the macOS. Updating apps fixes bugs that often cause your computer to have poor speed. One of the tips on how to make a MacBook faster is to update its applications often. 

Remove excess files and documents

The storage space in your Mac is limited, and it keeps filling as you save more data. The hard disk eventually fills up, and your computer becomes slow. The solution is to clean up Max to run faster. Create a backup online or use an external storage device. Remove all the files that you do not often use to create more space in your Mac storage. You may realize the computer is slow even after removing data and begin looking for alternatives about how to make a MacBook faster. It could be because there are hidden files in the computer. Search for tips to make Mac show hidden file so that you can clean them. 

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Upgrade your RAM

One of the reasons your Mac is slow could be due to limited RAM. It could be the RAM is full of cache and too many running applications. One of the ways to clean up Mac to run faster is to free up RAM from the cache and too many running apps. Another option is to upgrade your RAM to increase your computer’s memory. It will allow programs to run fast, and files will open quickly. 

Check the speed of your internet

Your Mac might be slow because your internet connection is too slow. One tip about how to speed up Mac is to ensure your internet speed is high. Turn off the internet and then on. If it is still slow, change your router to a different location. 

Change your Wi-Fi frequency or upgrade to a faster internet. 

How to maintain your Mac in a good condition

One of the secrets of how to speed up Mac is to keep it in good condition. It ensures the computer serves you for many years at maximized productivity. Here are tips to keep your Mac in good condition.

  • Scan for viruses: One of the ideas about how to make MacBook run faster is to keep it free from viruses. Scan your Mac often and remove all viruses to keep its speed high.
  • Remove dust: Blow off the dust that builds inside your computer. It might block the fan, which keeps the computer cool. 
  • Check the health of your hardware: Use applications that check the health of the hard disk and other hardware and replace unhealthy components. 
  • Use a protective case for the chassis: Keep the screen, keyboard, and chassis free from dust and liquid by using a protective case.
  • Do not overcharge: Avoid leaving the battery plugged into charging for a long time. Keep the charge around 30% to 80% all the time. 
  • Remove old files: Old files and apps often contain bugs that affect performance. 


Your Mac productivity increases when you keep the computer healthy. These tips mentioned above are easy to follow. You can easily apply them even if you are not experienced. Learn tricks about how to make MacBook run faster and practice them. Keep all applications, including macOS, updated to avoid bugs. Clean up Mac to run faster by removing files that you rarely use. Uninstall incompatible apps and keep the hardware healthy. Consider upgrading RAM to create more space for processing files and applications. 

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