How to make the best use of Instagram bio links?

Instagram bio link

Instagram is one of the most popular social platforms among all people. Almost all the brand owners and marketers prefer Instagram to promote their business. What does make Instagram so famous? If you’re using other social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, you might have seen many spam links in the caption of posts, especially in the comment section. 

Due to this, Instagram puts many restrictions on link sharing, allowing us to have only one clickable link in the bio. This link is the only way through which you can drive sales and traffic from Instagram to your website. So, it’s necessary to make the best use of Instagram bio link. So, let’s dive into the details. 

How to make the best use of Instagram bio link

As I mentioned before, the link in bio is the only option to bring your audience outside Instagram. Unfortunately, you can’t add clickable links in the caption of Instagram posts. However, you can add it only in the form of text. So, if someone wants to visit your link, they need to type the entire text in their browser. 

Instagram bio link

That’s why you need to use your link in bio in a more strategic way. When you know you’re allowed to have a single link, which links will you put in your bio? For example, will you promote a product, or would you like to feature your website or YouTube? 

In addition, wouldn’t it be nice to share all of your content with your Instagram followers? Of course, it would be great if this is possible. Yeah, it’s possible, and now you can share multiple links with your audience by using the following bio tools. 

Use LinkBook bio tool

LinkBook is 100% free to use. It allows you to create a mini-website or a landing page to host all of the content you want to share with your Instagram audience. In addition, this bio tool provides animated links that can help you drive traffic directly from Instagram to your web pages or anywhere else you want. 

You don’t to be an expert; just sign-up and create your landing page in under one minute. Once you create your page, copy and paste its URL into your Instagram bio. When your audience clicks on it, they will be redirected to your content. In addition, LinkBook provides the following excellent features. 

  • Advanced link tracking
  • Media embedding
  • Custom domains for landing pages
  • Integrations with Mailchimp
  • Animated links
  • Scheduled links
  • In-depth statistics

Try Linktree Instagram link in bio tool

Linktree is one of the most famous Instagram bio tools, allowing users to create a unique link to host their collection of links in one place. This bio tool is free to use. However, if you want to see your Linktree views and clicks, you will have to go for a paid plan. 

Linktree facilitates users with leap links that can help you send visitors where you want them. It’s not only for Instagram; you can use it on other social platforms, including Facebook, Tiktok, and Twitter. Linktree has two tiers; free and pro. Within the free plan, you can enjoy the following features

  • Basic theme customization
  • Click statistics
  • Scheduled links
  • Google Analytics integrations
  • UTM parameters

Pro users will get the following extra features

  • Leap links
  • Priority Links
  • Email Integrations with Mailchimp and Google sheets
  • Linktree provides Facebook pixel integrations tool

As a marketer, you should expect higher conversion rates, which would be possible only when you have potential customers. So, you need to convert your Instagram followers into potential customers. For that, you will have to optimize your single link in bio to make the best use of it. is another excellent Instagram bio tool allowing you to create mobile-optimized landing pages to host your content, such as videos, images, social accounts, and many more. If you’re an online retailer, you can add your product links to increase your sales. 

This bio tool is free to use until you head for a pro version. allows you to recreate your Instagram account on your landing page so that you can add links to individual posts. In addition, comes with the following excellent features. 

  • 2 Instagram accounts
  • Up to five links per post
  • Scheduled links 
  • Link tracking 

Unlike other bio tools that allow you to add links as much as you can, allows only to have a single link to your page. This tool makes it easier for your Instagram followers by enabling them to shop for products through your feed instead of sending them directly to your store, where they can face challenges in searching for the required product. 


The tools mentioned above help you get rid of swapping out your bio link whenever you upload the new content. Moreover, they are free to use; just sign-up, create your personalized landing page, copy and paste its URL in the Instagram bio section. That’s all. 

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