How to Design Custom Printed Shipping Boxes for Cosmetics Products?

Custom printed shipping boxes

The cosmetics industry is huge; both in terms of competitive businesses and rapidly dynamic customer tastes. It takes more than just packaging to reach the top of the consumer market. Custom printed shipping boxes combine strength and creativity to achieve this goal.

Cosmetics need sensitive care and packaging that ensures the items don’t smudge or break before being used by the end customers. Every item has individual requirements and must be carried and stored accordingly. To enhance brand awareness, it is vital that customers strongly agree with your packaging. Both inside and out.

Customized boxes are a great promotional tool. They speak for the brand when moving around or being displayed at store racks. The best thing about these boxes is the fact that they can prove to be a two in one option for advertising as well as packaging.

Shipping can be overwhelming. It contains attention to detail regarding the box construct. Because it is the boxes that radiate a reliable brand image by keeping the products protected throughout. Next, the packages must weigh and measure correctly without overburdening the total costs. And the last step is to ensure that the boxes look brighter than the rival brands.

If the boxes are so relevant to shipping, why then do we often see couriers in boring brown boxes? the fact is that many brands are still unaware of the potential of these boxes.

Below are some interesting facts listed about them:

A box for every cosmetic item

The cosmetics industry can boast of a wide range of products. everything from face, to eyes, and hair care can be considered part of the booming cosmetics market.

Can sellers send every one of these items in the same box? We guess not! The boxes have to cater to specific products dimensions and required protection levels. For instance, cosmetics contained in glass bottles would need a thicker box than the ones that use plastic coverings. Also, the size of every product varies and so should the boxes that ship them.

Experts give the best advice on how to get workable boxes that provide the best protection. Corrugated material is touted as the most suitable one for shipping. The stock paper is also versatile to take several custom shapes and keep customers glued to the brand image.

Custom printed shipping boxes

Be there for the brand

The boxes are a good way to promote the brand, as mentioned previously. But how do they manage this without getting repetitive and boring?

Creativity helps! Custom elements can spark enhanced customer curiosity in the brand. it also enables the custom packaging to be modified multiple times and to give a revamped brand image. Many brands keep their logos intact but keep on changing the box designs so the customers get a fresh brand appeal.

Moreover, shipping involves no physical contact with the business or its employees. The boxes arrive at the customers’ location without the many advertisement campaigns accompanying them. It is, therefore, a good idea to let them represent the business engagingly. Strong patterns and innovative font styles make for memorable customer contact and prove that the brand is worth a reorder!

Announce many marketing strategies

What is the best way to tell potential customers of your brand? or announce new product arrivals? Of course, billboard ads work for this but the packaging can be turned into a moving marketing platform too!

Certain brands convince customers to try their other products by illustrating them on the boxes. cosmetics are no different. A business may be manufacturing a diverse range of makeup items. Stating these on the shipping boxes is an effective way to:

  1. Tell customers that the brand offers a lot more options.
  2. Use an existing resource for more than one task and lower costs.
  3. Reach out to an expanded customer demographic without spending a lot on branding.
  4. Display the exact ingredients used in the production of the cosmetics and include expiry dates too.

Custom printed shipping boxes provide many more functions than just the ones stated. They can be anything that the brand wants; containers, promotional tools, or just an attractive souvenir for customers.

Hold onto the brand values

Just basic brown boxes are not what customers look for. They want their orders to look worth the money spent. For this, the boxes can be customized to give a long-lasting and robust brand impression.

The cosmetic industry is dominated by a handful of brands. It is hard to make a mark here. But the boxes are made of not just a strong built but also of custom customer preferences. Professional designers create boxes that buyers react to strongly. They ensure that the designs are specific to the customer group targeted by the brand. This is why organic cosmetic product boxes are designed in lighter tones and eyeshades come in brightly packaged boxes.

The brand can communicate its ethos and production values using the boxes. certain companies state that they don’t use animal testing. The boxes help to expand a positive brand vibe to more customers when they read the printed contents.

Give apt guidelines

How can you convey that the shipping boxes must be handled with care? Printing can be a true companion for this. Often, customized boxes are embossed with handling guidelines. This ensures safe deliveries.

Customers expect to get their orders on time and give a premium accessing feel. Some of them post these videos online so others can get a better idea of what the brands offer. This is a golden chance to capture the customers’ focus. One good review can earn a lifetime of customer loyalty. The first impression counts when the customers get a pleasant vibe of the brand and want to repeat orders on impulse.


Cosmetics look better when they are boxed in glamorous boxes with a strong representation of branding. Custom printed shipping boxes offer a wide choice of fonts, colors, brand projections, and custom shapes to allure potential customers and give them a retainable shopping experience.

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