Evening Desert Safari -A Mesmerizing Sunset With Extreme Thrill


The conservation reserve of Dubai is a perfect realm for nature lovers and adventurists. If you are looking to spend a whole blissful day with friends and family in Dubai, an evening desert safari tour is the best idea that enrobes ethereal orange hues during the sunset which are magical to see. Observing the dunes bathed in the transitioning colours when the day meets dusk overwhelm the beholder.

To observe those ecstatic views of the sunset, and satisfy our inner thrill-seeker, we went to the dunes with the Happy Adventures Tourism team. The itinerary offered by them was perfect for our squad as per our need to stay at the dunes. In the following text, I have mentioned the highlights of an evening desert safari which make it an epic venture in Dubai.

Happenings of an Evening Desert Safari in Dubai 

1. Reaching the Dunes

A pickup in the afternoon kick evening desert safari Dubai starts. We were picked up by the skilled off-road licensed driver sent by Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. The 4×4 vehicle was a land cruiser which was pretty cosy to ride in along with air-conditioning. With an eager mind and enthusiastic heart, we lived the whole journey to the desert as if a kid is out in a wonderland! Leaving the city side and reaching the conservation reserve with first glimpses of the golden sand ocean was sensational.

2. Ride a Camel Like Nomads

Explore the mystical panorama of the barren on its royal ride. Camels are the traditional means of covering a wide range of dunes. As the dunes cannot be covered barely on foot. I felt the legit vibe of being a Bedouin as I was in the middle row of the camel caravan, following the lead of Bedouins. Meanwhile, we explored the exquisite flora and fauna from over the camel’s hump. The reptiles, birds, foxes, and other rare species of the marshy habitat were displaying their presence as if welcoming the guests.

3. Dune Bashing

The furious 4×4 dune bashing vehicles were parked ready by the Happy Adventures Tourism team to take us to the hell of a ride. Jumping and drifting across the low and high dunes was an insane adventure in a desert safari. The roller-coaster ride continued for about 15 minutes in a Nissan Patrol. However, we observed thrill-seekers getting amused in the dune buggies, hummers, and land cruisers as well.

4. Sandboarding

As much as we relish waterboarding and snow skiing, sand skiing is nothing less! Gliding on the velvety soft sand beds and screaming your heart out is blasting fun for madcaps. Sandboarding is the exclusive adventure of deserted land. You won’t find it in the cityside. 

5. Quad Biking

Driving a quad bike across the dunes is the second most popular sport in the desert of Dubai. The sand ripples surf as barriers for quad bikers making quad biking a difficult terrain sport. Still, the adrenaline-junkies love trying their manoeuvres in the submerging sand.

6. Mesmerizing Sunset

Watch the drowning sun from over the highest dunes of the Arabian desert. Stop for a while during crazy sand activities and capture the breathtaking views of the sunset. Happy Adventures Tourism team arranged their skilled photographers for sunset photography. Our squad made them capture some super cool silhouette shots jumping off the dunes. The sublime sunset hues at the desert can turn your despairs into new aspirations. This is the reason why travel enthusiasts call this nomadic land a meditation ground.

7. Camping inside the Wilderness

After the jovial terrain sports and timeless camel ride, we were escorted by the hosts of Happy Adventures Tourism LLC to the campsites. The camps are pitched on the old Bedouins’ lifestyle. The ambience was pretty cosy. The tents were embellished with colourful rags to make them over like traditional caravansaries. The little resting rooms keep hotel-like amenities from toiletries to resting sleep sacks. Those camps were a beautiful blend of a nomadic signature and modern frills. 

8. Henna Painting and Arabian Attiring

The tour operator provided us with the traditional Bedouin dresses which we adorned with a buzz. Posing with the national bird wearing those traditional robes coloured us in the Arabian culture. Also, we got a lovely souvenir from Dubai. Henna painting is another fun-filled activity that women and kids find pretty exciting.

9. Delightful Dinner and Refreshments

The BBQ and buffet are set under the blue sky of the desert. There are welcoming drinks, chilled soft drinks, and stimulating Arabian coffee served along with the savoury. Charcoal roasted meat, veggies, desserts, and a blend of Arabian and international cuisines are displayed on the buffet. 

8. Striking Dance Moves

There is a stunning belly dance portrayed on the entertainment stage of the desert. The Dervishes present their spinning Tanura dance in colourful cloaks which is a beautiful display of mysticism. Then there is a fire show, stickman show, and other high-spirited dance performances portrayed on the live stage. 


An evening desert safari in Dubai is an incredible venture for travel enthusiasts. And when you are accompanied by a high energetic crew like Happy Adventures Tourism, the fun multiplies. Collect the vivid chromes of sunset, camps, and inspiring Arabian culture and return home with loads of memories!

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