Effective Ways to Clean Clogged Pores For Radiant Looking Face


Cleansing your face is probably the most basic skincare step that every girl relates to. Getting up early morning and getting through a face care routine provides much-needed freshness and prepares you for the upcoming day. It cleans out the excess oil, piled-up dust, and sebum that get accumulated. But do you know, sometimes our face needs a more thorough cleanse because of piled-up dust on the face that leads to clogged pores? 

The main reason behind clogged pores is sebum buildup that causes the skin to become oily and greasy. And when it comes to clogged pores, these are recurring spots that come and go. The combination of dead cells, sebum, and dirty build-ups in the pore makes the skin look pale and dull. And if you don’t exfoliate your skin, the dirt clogged inside may affect the skin further. To avoid this, here are few quirky tips that one should know for getting rid of these facial impurities. 

Four Ways to Unclog the Facial Pores

Indulge in Weekly Pore Strips 

Clean Clogged Pores For Radiant Looking Face

There’s something super satisfying about using a pore strip. While clogged pores are no biggie, a quick clean-up at home always works well for keeping the skin fresh and squeaky clean. Using adhesive-based pore strips are derma approved and are known for efficiently removing the clogged dirt and oil below the skin. However, this treatment shouldn’t be done more than once as it can hurt the skin. While attempting the adhesive pore strips, always keep in mind that they are just a temporary alternative for extracting dirt out of the facial pores and the real secret behind a glowing face relies on a basic skincare regime. 

Remove the Makeup at the End of the Day 

Clean Clogged Pores For Radiant Looking Face

Have you ever come home after a long day and crashed into bed only to realize that you still have the makeup on? If yes then it is high time you stop this habit right away. Regular cleansing helps to maintain healthy-looking skin and skipping to clean the heap of makeup can result in causing extensive damage to the skin during the night. It may feel tempting to drift to sleep with makeup on but it can result in breakouts, acne, and clogged pores. Therefore, it is required to remove your makeup with a help of face cleansing pads dipped in makeup remover liquid and let your skin rejuvenate the skin. For deep cleaning, you can also use a facial cleansing tool for better exfoliation. Wash your face with plain water followed by using the face cleansing machine availing its silicon brush in a circular motion. Massage the face gently and get a clean and refreshing face. 

Extraction with Blackhead Remover

Clean Clogged Pores For Radiant Looking Face

If ignored, clogged pores further turn up in form of visible blackheads and whiteheads which makes the skin look dull. And as satisfying as it seems to squeeze out the blackhead, it is hands down the worst way to treat clogged pores. If you pick the facial pores by hand, it will lead to a permanent scar that can also turn up in a form of a bruise. And to avoid such breakouts, we recommend you use a blackhead remover tool for extracting the impurities from the face without hurting or causing any damage to the skin. Begin with taking steam to soften the skin and for opening the pores. This will help the blackhead tool to pull out the dirt smoothly and quickly. 

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Homemade Packs for Treating Clogged Pores

We know how bad it feels to see yourself in the mirror only to find clogged pores that are visible on the face and affect it with dullness. When we tend to ignore these clogged pores, the makeup product that we apply on the face settles in these pores and creates creases all around. And if you are struggling with these clogged pores despite using all types of skincare products, then now is the time to switch up to a homemade face mask made from home ingredients like turmeric which is easily available in the kitchen. It is known to treat clogged pores and evens out the skin tone with the help of its antibacterial properties. 

Clogged pores happen if your skin is oily most of the time which further creates a blockage retaining sweat, oil, and dirt in certain corners of the face. The goal to avoid these pores from getting clogged is quite simple. You can easily follow these basic face accessories & tips and get rid of the clogged pores easily from the comfort of your home. 

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