Donating The Old Running Shoes To The Manufacturers

donate old running shoes

You wear shoes when you go outdoors to keep your feet always clean. If you go barefooted, then the dirty or sticky particles adhere to your feet causing skin disorders and infections. You should wear shoes that are durable and made of superior materials. The shoes become obsolete after some years as the sole is degenerated and the pad also becomes weaker. Many people discard such shoes and throw it in the bin. The municipal workers carry these shoes and burn them.  If these shoes are burnt, then the carbon content in the atmosphere increases. If you have old shoes, then you can donate it to the needy people. You can give it to manufacturers who recycle and remanufacture the shoes. You can donate old running shoes to the needy or manufacturers who manufacture recycled shoes. These shoes can be donated to organizations also who forward it to the manufacturers. 

Manufacturing the old shoes 

Some people throw away the old shoes outside or some people take the shoes away to the land refills. These shoes become decayed when they are exposed to moisture. If they are decayed, then the microorganisms began to invade the region and cause pollution. So, you can donate old running shoes to the organizations who manufacture from old shoes. If the shoes are repairable, then you can repair it from the nearest shop and then donate these shoes to the needy people. If you are not able to repair the shoes, then you can simply donate it to the manufacture that recycled the shoes. 

The manufacturers re-manufacture the shoes using eco-friendly and graded materials. They implement the best practices that are environmentally viable in the process of manufacturing. 

Why the shoes are sustainable?

The shoes are made of eco-friendly materials that are sustainable. They are recycled using biodegradable materials. The shoes are made for men and women both. Most of the shoes designed by the manufacturers are stylish and trendy. So, if you have old shoes in your homes and if you are not using them, then you can donate used running shoes. Do not throw away the old shoes on the side of the road or garbage bin. Do not keep the shoes in your home for a long period because they can be covered with molds. They should be sent to someone who can utilize them in a better way. 

How the manufacturers are undertaking corporate social responsibilities?

The manufacturers understand the corporate social responsibilities and hence implement the best practices to manufacture the shoes. They also pack the shoes in a box that is recycled. Then, the box is placed in the cotton bag that is eco-friendly. They do not use plastics in the process of manufacturing because it is a non-recyclable material. They do not use plastics to pack the products also. 

The manufacturers are implementing fair practices and contributing to the society following the environmental practices. They are generating employment opportunities to several needy people. They are use biodegradable materials for manufacturing and preventing the shoes to reach the landfills. Hence, they are saving carbon emissions preventing environmental threats. So, you should donate old running shoes of the home to prevent environmental problems.  

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