DesignEvo Logo Maker: A Good Helper to Design Your Logo


Creating a logo is an important step in creating a brand, especially if you own an online business. It can be a costly process if you hire a professional designer to do it. For bloggers, individual business owners, and startups with limited time and budget, do it yourself. Maybe the route is the way to go. This post will talk about this excellent logo design tool, DesignEvo, which would be very useful for creating your future logos.

What is DesignEvo?

DesignEvo is a web launch tool that frees you from normal installation. By accessing their website, you can immediately begin your logo creation journey. And, best of best, it doesn’t require you to register before using the service. DesignEvo is being built with HTML5, so the whole working process is super fast. It is compatible with all the most used web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge, etc.

How to use a logo template in DesignEvo

Once you click the Create a logo button, it will take us to the logo gallery where you can find more than 10,000 logo templates with a nice design in various categories and fields, such as technology, business, food, animals, environment, art, fashion, lifestyle, etc.

Selecting a template to start the logo design

You can get started right away from choosing a suitable template that works for your brand and tailoring the content based on your actual needs to more accurately reflect your brand. With the help of these ready-to-use templates, logo design is much more accessible, especially if you have no design experience or relevant skills.

Adding logo icons and fonts

DesignEvo offers millions of stylish searchable logo icons. With just a few keywords, the icons can be retrieved in seconds. In addition, they come in vector formats so that they can be scaled to almost any size without loss of quality. Beyond that, DesignEvo comes loaded with over 100 popular logo fonts. If you are looking for something traditional or modern, you will definitely find the one you want. Fonts are also customized. You can edit font size and color, add letter outline, adjust letter spacing, curve texts, etc.

Preview your logo before exporting the logo

Another feature that will satisfy you is the logo preview mode, which is something that not many similar online logo design services have. It offers you a variety of mockups to see what your designed logo looks like when used on different marketing materials such as business cards, t-shirts, letterheads, website banners, book covers, etc. It is really practical AND gives great visual support.

Plans and Pricing to get a DesignEvo membership

DesignEvo; allows the free download of logos in JPG or PNG format with a maximum resolution of 300 x 300 pixels, which is clear enough for online uses. You may need to upgrade your free account to premium to get a higher resolution logo for print use. There are two premium packages, and both are one-time charges.

Wrapping up

Without any steep learning curve, DesignEvo logo maker provides a very elegant and perfect solution for logo creation. Everyone can create a professional-looking logo with the template provided in the gallery or just start from scratch with its smart editing features and vast collections of graphics and fonts. If you don’t have your own logo, play around with DesignEvo, and you can get a really impressive one in a fraction of the time.

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