Costing Guide: How Much It Will Cost to Renovate a Living Room?

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Money is one of your scarce resources, meaning there will come a time that it will be depleted if you continuously spend without working. It isn’t easy to earn money because it will require not just your time and effort but also your theoretical knowledge and technical skills. With the increasing prices of necessities, you might end up not being able to spoil yourself and treat your family members. But if you are the type of person who manages your salary wisely, you can do other stuff, such as renovating your living room while providing for your needs.

Do you have a monotone and boring living room that needs renovation? Changing the interior of the place and having new pieces of furniture has a monetary value which means that it isn’t free of charge. In one way or another, you will have to spend a large sum of your savings to have a comfortable place to bond with your parents or watch TV with your siblings.

It will require intense planning that includes knowing the costs of the renovation process. If you want to know how much money you have to prepare to transform your living room into something that suits your preferences and tastes, then read the free home decor tips below.

1.  Buying new window treatments

Before you focus on furnishings and wall color, you have to identify first if your windows need new treatments. Not only can curtains and blinds upgrade the aesthetics of the place but they can also provide you the sense of comfort and enjoyment that you are longing for. When your living room receives more than enough sunlight, the interior temperature gets too high making the place uncomfortable for relaxation. But with new window treatments, you can prevent that from happening. Using it will block sun rays as well as an unpleasant outdoor view.

If you have too many windows in the living room, you can already infer that one of the most expensive parts of the renovation process is purchasing curtains and blinds. Ready a budget of over $120 per window for treatment and coverings. Don’t hesitate to splurge money for window treatments as it will serve as a great investment.

2.  Changing the walls of the living room


If you want to change the walls of your living room, you have to invest in paint. It has the power to give the place more life and positivity. You might have the perception that it will not cost much more than a hundred dollars due to the cheap prices of its gallon. Even though these gallons usually come at a price lower than $30, a large living room will probably need more than two gallons of paint. Knowing this, you will have to allot approximately $600 if you will hire a professional painter to change the color of your walls. If you don’t want to allocate money for repainting, you can also do it yourself. In this way, you will not have to pay for anyone’s labor.

There may be instances that you or any member of the family is allergic to the smell of the pain, an alternative option is to use wallpaper instead. It is much cheaper with a price range of $30 to $190 per roll. Aside from changing the color of the walls, you can also add more personality by installing architectural details that may cost from $500 to $900.

3.  Transforming your ceiling

If you are planning to make a major living room transformation, aside from the walls and windows, you also have to consider changing the appearance of your ceiling. The most commonly used material is drywall but you can also move away from the conventional ways of doing things. You may use pressed ties, decorative textures, mosaic, or even painted patterns instead. In choosing the type of ceiling, you have to make sure that it will match the theme that you have in mind. Each of the types can only fit one or two styles of the house. For instance, you must use a beadboard ceiling for a house with a cottage-style while a coffered ceiling for a house with Victorian-style. The price for decorating the ceiling may range from $1000 to $3000 depending on the materials and designs. You may also opt to use crown moldings with a starting price of $1000 for a 12×18 foot space. Its purpose is to make the space where the walls and ceiling intersect more aesthetically pleasing.

4.  Improve the focal point of the living room

Living room

The focal point of the living room must be improved to give the place a more relaxing ambiance. The center of interest in the place may be a fireplace. You can choose from two versions, namely a fireplace that uses gas or a fireplace that uses wood. If you prefer the former, it will cost you approximately $2 500 while the latter can have a price tag of as high as $3 600. These prices may increase depending on the materials used. It can possibly cost more if you will use brick, stone hearth, or mantle in constructing the fireplace.

If you are in a tropical country, the use of a fireplace may be irrelevant. So another option that you may take is to have built-in entertainment centers or bookshelves in the living room. They are not just great centerpieces but they also make the room more functional as they offer more storage space. Prepare $1500 to more than $6000 for these kinds of products.

In a Nutshell

When you know the costs of renovating the living room, you can better gauge if you can do it. If you find out that you have enough money to transform the appearance of the place, then by all means push through with your plan. It will have a lot of benefits in terms of safety, beautification of the room, as well as the monetary value of the house!

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