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You have created a web design on Photoshop and have an image file that summarized every aspect of your requirement

Now you are aware of the benefits of Shopify and decided to convert your website design. In this article, we will see how to convert your PSD designs to Shopify with few simple steps.

First, let’s see what Shopify is?

Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce solutions for big retailers and SMEs. Shopify delivers your product pages, inventory management, Shopping carts, wish lists, product comments, with a small amount of subscription.

Shopify site provides you a standard, design templates for free to beginners. For those people, who want to make their store stand out from others, Shopify can obtain a custom HTML/CSS design.

Reasons to Choose PSD to Shopify theme conversion service

If you don’t have a good knowledge of HTML/CSS, prefer to hire Shopify expert, who helps you to make your site more professionals.

Shopify developers have expertise in developing dynamic online shopping experiences. They provide you the professional outcomes within a determined time frame.

Shopify experts develop a pixel-perfect representation by using PSD designs such as JPG, TIF, BMP, etc. that are coded as per Shopify server requirements. The codes used for conversion are clean, semantic, & error-free.

Receive your templates or you can also extract zip files. Now the final device is ready and compatible with every device & browser

Now let’s dive into the process. First sign-up for a free Shopify account and HTML/CSS knowledge:

You should know the Shopify account and customization settings. Learn how to PhotoShop design for your page, PhotoShop skills, and a working copy of the program.

Steps to Follow for Converting PSD to Shopify

Use the Slice Tool:

First, slice your PSD design into small pieces with the help of a tool and separate the design into smaller division sections like header, footer, and sidebar to make coding easier more customizable.

Save the files as images:

Now in the second step, save images by choosing a file, save for the web with the highest resolution, and save in a jpeg format. Blur images and Pixelated will be prevented from your site.

Save your PSD file as an HTML file.

The next step is simple, you just have to save the completed version as a .html file in the same PhotoShop program.

Add files into the Shopify customizable CSS.

In the end, well what else is remaining! Simply upload a new HTML and image file to your services and you are ready to edit your page’s template. You can make changes as per your requirement. That’s how the process of PSD to Shopify is completed successfully.


Are you thinking to convert your PSD files into Shopify template design, but don’t have any idea about the conversion process? Cartcoders can convert your designs into fully optimized, pixel-perfect design integration for the Shopify template.

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