Can You Convert PDF to PowerPoint and PowerPoint to PDF for Free?


MS PowerPoint format is the universal file format for the formation of presentations. Owing to the reason it is quite popular in educational as well as corporate sectors. Students who need to prepare course presentations as well as office workers who are required to create corporate presentations, both use PPT format.

But due to reformatting and security of the deck content, those PPT are saved afterwards as PDF files. Moreover, owing to universal format and compatibility of PDFs it is an all-time favorite format for saving any kind of format afterwards. 

As both the formats are required on different scenarios and fulfil various requirements there exists a need to interconvert formats. But is it possible to convert PDF to PowerPoint and vice versa and why do you need to convert PowerPoint to PDF and back to original? 

The answer to the query, can you convert PDF to PowerPoint and PowerPoint to PDF for free is explained in the article below.

Why Convert PPT to PDF

As it significantly reduces the size of the file to around a third, it is the top reason why we prefer to convert PPT presentations to PDF. For instance, Gmail has a 25mb file attachment limit, Hotmail just allows 10mb files to be uploaded. In such cases where we can’t upload large sized MS PowerPoint file, it better to convert them in compact file format i.e. PDF.

Moreover, to make our slides content uneditable, so that no one couldn’t alter it afterwards, conversion of PPT to PDF is the best option. The basic advantage of PDFs from this is that it is not that easy to remove content.

Why Convert PDF to PPT

Nothing is just perfect and ideal for every situation, the same is the case with PDFs like you cannot alter your presentations after converting to PDF. For instance, when you are all done creating your slides and have converted it into PDF afterwards and suddenly your group fellow mentions you a mistake. Then in order to annotate it you need to convert it back to MS PowerPoint.  

Thus in case of required editing and further modifications PDF slides need to convert back to MS PowerPoint format. Moreover, when we are presenting our presentation in PDF, the animation added to it formerly, will not be played. If we need to display our animation during a presentation, we need to convert pdf to ppt format.

Can You Convert PPT to PDF and PDF to PPT

The simple and straightforward answer to this question is “yes”, while this one-word statement isn’t satisfying enough. You must be looking afterwards, if it’s possible to interconvert PDF and PPT then how can you convert them?

Using an online PDF converter, you successfully convert your MS PPT deck to PDF file or vice versa. A couple of simple steps and your PDF and PPT files could be interconverted. Just choose an efficient and trustworthy PDF converting tool.

  • Select File

Using a PDF converting tool you can either select your file directly or drag and drop in the input box. Other than selecting your file, you don’t have to run any command or special instructions to convert your PDF or PPT to another format. Simply, click on the “convert” option and within a few seconds your file will be converted.

The PDF converting tools are proficient enough to preserve all your deck layouts and formats for high-quality, trustworthy PDF files which can even be printed, shared, stored or merged. In the same manner, for converting PDF files to back PowerPoint slides the PDF converters provide the optimum output.

  • Download File

After conversion, the last step is to click on “download” and get the file on your device. Thus to access your converted PDF or PPT file you must have to download it. You see that it’s just a 2 step procedure to convert whether PDF to PowerPoint or PPT to PDF.

Wrapping Up

Every file format is essential and is required depending on the file requirements and other scenarios. Thus, we can’t just be confined to one format only and need to convert our files in different formats often. For this reason, several online file format converters are present online, which can assist us in this manner. Using any of the trustworthy capable tools we can convert any file format to another one.

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