Children Autumn Drawing On The Theme “Autumn”


Children autumn drawing occupies a big place in baby creativity. After all, this wonderful time of year, although it is considered the time of withering, its time to charge all the positives thanks to the bright colors of the leaves and the blue of the eternal sky. Young children are especially susceptible to changing nature and want to express their observations with creativity.

The most popular in gardens and schools are children autumn drawing on the theme “Autumn Landscape,” “Golden Autumn,” “Autumn Forest,” etc., made with pencil or paint. Young children do not move smoothly and beautifully because they learn to mix colors and choose colors correctly to depict the glory of nature.

If the child does not know how to draw children’s drawings for autumn themes, parents should help him remember what colored leaves they saw on the walk and then draw them. But do not do everything for the child. You have to let the fantasy build without bounding box “right” – “wrong.”

Traditionally, pre-school establishments hold exhibitions of children’s drawings and articles made on the “Autumn” theme. Such an exhibition can be held at home. It greatly helps in the development of the baby’s figurative thinking and visual memory. Before you start the creative process, you need to take a walk in the forest or the nearest public garden and show the child all the pleasures of this time of year, and after the impressions, you should start to show them on paper.

Children’s drawing “Autumn” with paints

All kids love colors line drawing. For the work, you will need gouache or watercolor, a landscape sheet, and a brush. The older child can brush himself, and the baby will be brighter and easier when the mother draws the contours of the future masterpiece with a simple pencil, and the child will paint the color he liked.

There are other ways of drawing autumn leaves with the help of paints. For this, you need the leaves and colors directly. The leaf is painted on one side and painted on paper. Or vice versa – the sheet is applied to the substrate and painted over the contour. After that, a white print remains, which can be left in this form or painted yourself. Instead of the usual brush, you can use a sponge for convenience.

Children’s drawing “Autumn Flower.”

Another option for exposition is a classic vase with colored leaves. You can draw a drawing with colors and pencils or combine these techniques or use some unusual method. For example, leaves of different shapes can be decomposed in a bouquet, with a sheet of paper on top. Then, using wax crayons to show the contours and veins of each leaf, you can use different colors for it. The last step will be a vase. It should not paint too bright and pompous to distract attention from the bouquet itself.

Children’s drawing “Autumn Forest.”

Older children, already familiar with the theme of autumn, can draw more complex compositions with more details. Such an image can be an autumn forest with smooth colors. When a child paints spontaneously, it is possible to analyze children’s drawings because they can say a lot about the observant parent.

The use of dark shades in many pictures in a row indicates that the child has something to worry about, and he is trying to express it in dark colors. The psychology of children’s drawing is an interesting science. But don’t do it and create doubts. If the child has problems, then the child psychologist will help them understand them. A behavior correction is made with the help of the same art therapy.

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