Big reasons to do a DCA course and become a Docker certified associate in India


Docker skills are more important than ever for anyone trying to have a successful career in software development. For those unaware, Docker is a software tool that facilitates and accelerates workflow for developers by simplifying the entire process of creating an application.

If you understand what containers are, understanding Docker is not too difficult. To clarify the concept, Containers are standard software units that help execute applications quickly and reliably from one computing environment to another by packaging up the code and all of its dependencies. Now with Docker coming into play and developers worldwide adopting it as a standard container, you might be wondering whether you need to become a Docker certified associate.

It isn’t too difficult to get certified in Docker. You just need to find a DCA course that fits your requirements, and you will be an expert in no time!

Top 5 reasons to do a DCA course

You should do a DCA course primarily to upskill yourself in Docker technology. Not only will the certification look good on your resume, but it will also help prove your skills to the recruiter. 

Other than gaining the certification and the skills from a docker certification, these are the top 5 reasons why you should do a DCA course:

  • Gain expertise in Docker

Whether you are a software or cloud developer, an application architect, or a system administrator learning about Docker will help you immensely in your career. This would help you with day-to-day development and programming by allowing you to swiftly create programming apps or development domains and decommission them as necessary. The Docker platform should be installed, used, and maintained if you want efficiency in your work. 

By taking this certification course, you will gain theoretical and practical knowledge about Docker’s internal operations.

  • Become a better developer

Docker is a revolutionary tool, especially for Software developers. Earlier developers had no choice but to entirely rely on JVM containers by JAVA to ensure smooth developing and running of software. But now, because of Docker, all of this is possible on Cloud.

As a software developer, you need to understand cloud computing and development thoroughly, and by becoming a Docker certified associate, you will learn everything you need to know about Cloud.

  • Better career opportunities

Suppose you earn the title of Docker Certified Associate. In that case, it will prove that you put in the necessary effort, achieved a proper certification, and claimed your expertise in Docker. This will increase the value of your career profile and make potential organizations more eager to hire you for Docker-related activities.

And no doubt, with better job opportunities comes a better salary. According to Indeed, a DCA software engineer earns up to ₹5,36,955 annually. In comparison, a DCA software architect earns up to ₹12,85,885 per year.

  • Improve communication

Learning about Dockers adds to your technical skills and helps you develop your soft skills. Communication is the most important soft skill you need to have in any career. Docker teaches you about structuring and storage, and it teaches you about communicating effectively with different departments and levels of management.

The networking you learn with Dockers doesn’t have to stay limited to the software. It can help you orchestrate and manage your collaborations better. 

  • Mentor others

After you are done applying every lesson you learn during the DCA course in your work; you still won’t exhaust the bank of knowledge. As an expert in Dockers, you can quickly move on to mentoring others in the same. When you have so much in-depth knowledge on a topic and experience working on projects, you won’t have any trouble taking in students and passing on your knowledge to them. 

In a corporate environment where freshers are hired, your skills can come in handy as you can train new employees while on the job. In addition, people preparing for the Dockers certification exam will come to you for guidance, which you can easily provide.

DCA course details you need to know

Now that you have your reasons let’s look at the minor details that shouldn’t be missed out on before applying for a DCA course:

DCA Course Syllabus

These topics should be covered in a DCA course syllabus if you want to clear the examination:

  • Introduction to Docker
  • Difference between Docker and Virtualization
  • DevOps and Docker
  • Containerization
  • Reasons to use Docker
  • Microservices
  • Advantages of Microservices
  • Docker Architecture
  • The Docker Engine
  • Image Management and Registry
  • Networking and Security
  • Docker with Kubernetes

DCA Course Fees

An online Bootcamp in Dockers will cost you around ₹ 23,625 for the entire course. It will be a 90 days training course that an individual can learn at their own pace. All the course material will be available for revision even after completing the Dockers certification course.

Salary after Docker Certification

As we mentioned, getting a Dockers certification means earning a better salary in your developer or architect job. For example, a DCA software engineer can make up to $5,36,955 annually. While the annual salary of a DCA software architect is up to $12,85,885.

Skills required to be a Docker Certified Associate

As an expert in Dockers, these are the necessary skills that a professional should have:

  • Orchestration
  • Image Creation, Management, and Registry
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Networking
  • Security
  • Storage and Volumes

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So if you are already in the software development field, you need to become a Dockers certified associate. Skilled in Dockers will soon be a prerequisite for starting as a developer, so if you are ahead of the curve, you will be the expert on-site, giving you career leverage. Additionally, learning about Dockers is easy for someone who already knows about containers.

The biggest reasons to do a DCA course and become a Dockers certified associate in India are:

  • Become an expert in Docker
  • Get better at software development
  • Open the door to career opportunities
  • Communicate and collaborate better
  • Become a mentor to others

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