Best Ways to Learn Quran


There are online pages and websites for its learning. It has experienced tutors for guidance.

Best Ways to Learn Quran

Best Ways to Learn Quran

Quran is the Holy book of Muslims. It is on Prophet Muhammad. It forms Islamic law. Muslims get guidance and comfort after reading it. Follow the Tajweed rules when reciting it. Muslim children start memorizing it at a young age. There are various methods to learn it. One of them is to Learn Quran Online with courses. There are online pages and websites for its learning. It has experienced tutors for guidance.

Time Span to Learn Quran:

Some people find it easy to learn Quran. There should be a proper plan for it. The book should be dividing into sections. It makes it easy to understand and memorize them. Studying one page in ten minutes will end up in completing a chapter in three months.

Teaching Yourself to Read Quran:

The language of the Quran is classical. It is an unusual and beautiful language. It guides understanding Islam. The following points are to teach you:

  • Consult a Guide: 

Take help from a book to learn the methods of the Arabic alphabet. These are at dictionaries and websites. Try to get familiar with the sounds and shapes of letters and words. Its Meaning changes by changing its position.

  • Determine the Function of Word:

There are different meanings of each word by selecting its position. Sound out the words by pronouncing them. They give various functions of a single word.

  • Listen to Recordings:

After reading the sounds, revise them again by listening to recordings. Check the accuracy of it by consulting a grammar guide. The recordings should be of a professional reciter. There should be fewer errors with time.

Significance of Quran:

It is the only book that is a source of guidance. Its wordings make the hearts soft. Muslims follow it to lead their lives. Some of its benefits are the following:

  • Background:

It is on Prophet Muhammad for over 22 years. There is a belief that its origin is as early as 610 years.

  • Reading of the Quran:

It is into sections and has 114 chapters called Surahs. It is in the Holy month of Ramadan. Muslims read and memorize it in Madrasah.

  • Beliefs:

Allah Almighty sent this book that is a belief of Muslims. It is a gift for Muslims that remains unaltered till now. It leads to a prosperous life in this world and hereafter. It is a sacred book.

  • Power of Quran:

Its power is to protect its reader from hell. Its believers and readers are under the shades. It also provides solutions to daily needs.

Ways to Memorize Surahs:

The practice of anything leads a man to perfection. Learning Quran strengthens the Emaan of Muslims. The following steps are adopted to learn Surahs:

  • Make pieces of the material for learning.
  • Revise each part several times.
  • Do the same for the next half.
  • Repeat all the halves together.
  • Increase it one by one.
  • Consult different sections.
  • Recite them again and again.
  • Revise the memorized half.
  • Again revise them after two weeks.

Ways to Learn Quran:

There are different ways to memorize it. Some of them are the following:

  • Adjust Time:

Schedule a specific time. Allocate the day with some hours to sit and memorize it. There should be no disturbance around. Pay full attention to it. It increases the level of acceptance. The Fajr is the part of the day when the person is attentive.

  • Be Consistent:

There is excitation at the beginning of every lesson. Take time and learn slowly. Connected with it, and don’t get bored. Learn a few Ayats daily. Do not get over excited and stay consistent.

  • Follow a Technique:

Devise a systematic way to learn the Holy book. Do it according to the plan. There are different techniques adopt by people. Start with a small verse and proceed to large ones. It is an ideal way.

  • Learn Last Chapters First:

People consider memorizing from the last. The Surahs are short and already memorized, and less time is to learn them. The students get encouragement and confidence. Their learning process becomes faster.

  • Repeat the Learning process:

It is an ideal step that will help in learning. Revise the work tomorrow and then proceed to the next. It aids in young children because they have a sharp memory. They will quickly memorize the whole Quran.

  • Listen to Recitation:

There are recordings of translators in beautiful voices. Play them on the recorder and listen to them. It will correct your mistakes while reading. It saves your time and money to go somewhere for learning.

  • Take Help:

 In difficult situations, take guidance. There are experts for it. They are well versed in the Arabic language and know to recite the Quran. Book your classes in these circumstances. They teach online as well through video sessions.

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