Best camping places in India

Best camping places in India

Whether in the coldest months of winter or the bright summer months, camping is a perennial sport in India. From the Himalayan ranges at the very North to the deserts of Rajasthan, one can never run out of campsites in this country. There is no ‘correct’ way to enjoy camping here- while those looking for a more comfortable stay in the wilds can opt for any of the luxury camp resort experience, traditional campers can simply pitch their tents in and spend a night or two under the stars. Camping in India can also be enjoyed coupled with other adventure sports such as river rafting, rappelling, boating and more. Read Best camping places in India

1.Spiti Valley: Nestled in the bosom of the Himalayas, Spiti Valley is a cold desert region in the state of Uttar Pradesh. One of the most popular campsites in the country, trekkers and campers alike make their way to the valley throughout the year. The landscape here is dotted with numerous high altitude lakes, lush valleys and barren hills that beg to be explored. Several Tibetan villages riddle the valley, with little monasteries scattered across the place. The best time to explore Spiti is during the summer months between May and August, when the weather here remains most pleasant. 

2.Sam Sand Dunes: For a unique desert camping experience, head over to Sam Sand Dunes in Jaisalmer. This luxury desert safari campsite is ideally suited for those looking for a lavish and hassle free experience. The camp offers spacious, well equipped tents for stay, with en suite bathrooms and meal plans. A host of exciting activities are offered at the camp as well, such as organized safaris, camel rides and fire pits. Sam Sand Dunes also hosts live entertainment shows on a regular basis, such as belly dancing shows and DJ nights. 

3.Neora Valley Camp: Perched at an elevation of over 6,000 feet, West Bengal’s Neora Valley Camp is one of the best nature camps in the country. Offering panoramic views of the Himalayan ranges, the Nature Camp offers an ideal getaway for those looking to escape the bustle of the busy city life. The camp offers humble camp rooms for stay. Located within forested hills, there is much to see and do here as well. Several trekking routes snake their way through the jungles here, where one can embark on a wildlife exploration tour. One can also partake in adventure sports such as rock climbing and rope traversing here. 

4. Rishikesh: Nestled on the banks of Ganga, the campsites in Rishikesh abound in adventure. The campsites here are well maintained, and offer humble, traditional tents on a sharing basis. Although the temperature in Rishikesh tends to dip quite low, winter camping is one of the most popular tourist spots here. The best way to enjoy camping at the hill station is to couple it up with other adventure sports such as river rafting, mountain climbing or even trekking. Check out the Thrillophilia reviews sections for more details on riverside camping in Rishikesh.

5. Tso Moriri: One of the highest lakes in India, Tso Msoriri is an enchanting sight to witness. Camping around the lake too, is an experience that seasoned campers should not miss out on. Surrounded by snow-capped peaks on all sides, this Himalayan Lake is one of India’s most beautiful camping places. There are several traditional campsites located around the lake, offering unprecedented views to the glittering Tso Moriri. Most of the camps offer well-equipped tents for stay, although one can find some camp resorts here as well. Unless you’re brave enough to face the extreme Himalayan winters, the best time to go camping at Tso Moriri would be during the warmer months.

6. Solang Valley: Among the biggest adventure destinations in Himachal Pradesh, Solang Valley is a popular name among trekkers and campers alike. Set against the backdrop of snow-capped Himalayan peaks, the verdant green valley is remarkable in its fresh beauty. While organized camping is always an option here, one can also simply pitch a tent in any of the designated campsites here. Camping in the Valley is never an isolated sport, for one can easily double it up with a number of other fantastic adventures such as paragliding, parachuting, skiing and much more. 

7.Nameri Eco Camp: Located in Assam, this camp is known for its eco-friendly environment. Nestled within the lush forests of Assam, Nameri Eco Camp offers luxury accommodation in thatched roofed cottage huts and tents. Its proximity to the Nameri National Park makes the campsite especially popular among wildlife enthusiasts coming to Assam. The campsite offers meal services as well, delivering wholesome and well cooked traditional meals. One can easily complement one’s stay here with a number of other adventure sports, such as wildlife tours, rappelling, river rafting and much more. Check out the Thrillophilia reviews for Nameri Eco Camp to learn more about campers’ experiences here. 

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