Best Advice for Increasing Chances of Success in the Remote Sales Space


Working on a remote sales team offers many benefits to employees, but the transition can be less than smooth. Fortunately, plenty of tools and tips can boost your teams’ effectiveness and comradery. From a professional Zoom Virtual Office background to organizing tasks, here’s everything you should know.

Remote Meeting Etiquette

Remote meetings offer several advantages:

  • Flexible scheduling
  • Reduced commuting costs
  • Flexible location since team members can join from anywhere

However, these calls have limited processing capabilities, so everyone must adhere to specific etiquette for optimal communication. For example, only one person can speak at a time, or the call turns into a garbled mess.

As a result, teams should set ground rules for calls. For instance, everyone can agree to mute themselves until they have something to say. Doing so limits background noise and makes it easier to concentrate on the conversation.

Another great rule is limiting cross-talk. If employees want to have side conversations, restrict them to a text chat. That way, no one talks over each other, ensuring there’s no miscommunication or hard feelings.

Finally, have an agenda for your meeting, and make sure everyone has the appropriate information. For example, team members should have data on hand for discussion. A set agenda keeps the conversation focused, leading to shorter calls with higher productivity.

Leveraging the Right Tools

When leads visit your office, you do your best to make a professional impression. In the digital age, a well-made virtual background can accomplish the same effect. It’s best to have a branded background, if possible, as it strengthens the association between you and the company. However, that’s not always within the budget; fortunately, you can find a well-designed free Zoom backgrounds office that creates a professional environment.

Next, think about how to encourage creativity among your team. Brainstorming is the first step in most projects, but doing so in a virtual setting requires adjustment. Fortunately, you can find software that mimics a whiteboard, allowing teams to work out their ideas. Of course, it’s essential to have compatible communication software so everyone can contribute. Look for a whiteboard app that works with your virtual meeting software to ensure a smooth brainstorming session.

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Prioritize Your Tasks

Making a to-do list is a great first step, but if you want to get the most out of your day, you should prioritize your tasks. Put urgent items at the top to ensure you don’t miss deadlines, then list tasks in descending order of importance. If you have long-term projects, break them down into actional steps and work on them a little each day.

One of the best tools for prioritizing tasks is project management software. This collaborative hub allows the whole team to see what needs doing by what date. As a result, employees can work together to finish projects by the deadline. If people need help, they can ask for it in the hub, ensuring the project doesn’t get delayed because of a single issue.

Going virtual has a learning curve, but employers, managers and teams can adjust to their new setting. With the proper etiquette, Teams background and priorities, your team can boost its productivity.

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