Are you getting married soon? Luxuria brand has diamond jewelry for every one

Are you getting married soon? Luxuria brand has diamond jewelry for every one

How many weddings will you dance at this year? At Luxuria brand, we not only make brides shine, but also the bridesmaids, sisters, friends, and family. Luxuria has the brightest jewelry for the wedding season.

It’s wedding season! The wedding day is very important in the life of women, but it is not only exceptional and unforgettable for the bride. And probably all the other guests are also looking forward to this special event.

From an emotional point of view, not only the wedding party is a real roller coaster with many beautiful sparkles. The preparation for this is also associated with a lot of work and resembles an emotional group. Because think, what woman has not asked herself these questions before the big day: Have I prepared everything? What shoes do I wear? What is the best color for a dress? And what does my husband wear so that we can achieve a harmonious look? What jewelry and accessories should I wear? Question after question. But from now on, you can forget about one of them, the answer is jewelry. At Luxuria brand, we have the perfect jewelry for such a unique event, not only for the bride, but for the mother-in-law, the bridesmaids, your sister, cousin, or your best friend who can really shine with diamond jewelry on this day.

The only question that arises is: Do you prefer the classic, the modern or can it be pearls or perhaps rose gold pieces?

We have made a selection for you at the end of the blog post to make your choice easier. So that you can enjoy this day to the fullest and not have too much stress in the preparation time.

And best of all, due to Luxuria’s high quality standards, the pieces of jewelry you choose will last a lifetime if you take care of them properly. That is, so that not only the marriage lasts forever.

Luxuria brand Diamond jewelry

Behind the Luxuria brand are the well-versed people in the jewelry business, since they have been working in it for more than decades, although it was not until 2013 that they created the Luxuria brand.

The innovation that makes Luxuria successful is the use of the “ideal cut” to cut the zircons, a technique commonly used in diamonds. In addition, the zircons set in Luxuria jewels are subjected to temperature and pressure conditions much higher than the common ones to obtain a better quality, which makes their characteristics resemble those of diamonds. It is precisely due to the excellence of the cut of the stones, that the zircons are measured in carats like diamonds. On the other hand, the zircons are set in 925 silver with a triple rhodium, palladium, and platinum plating, which ensures shine, color, and excellent condition over time.

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The jewelry collection has different designs, from the most classic to the most current and minimalist. There are collections where pearls are the protagonist and others where color is the central axis, but in all of them, the magic of Luxuria diamonds is the star.

Each one of the jewels is designed taking care of all the details; they are always manufactured under the firm’s quality standards and carry a certificate of authenticity. We invite you to discover the wonderful world of Luxuria on Facebook and Instagram.   

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