A Comprehensive Guide on Gold Purity

A Comprehensive Guide on Gold Purity

The gold purity is measured with the units called Karat (k). Often people confuse between carat and karat, the former represents the physical weight of the precious stone diamond, while the latter is used only to denote the concentrate of gold used in the making of fine gold jewelry. So, in simple terms, the higher the karat, the higher is the purity of the gold. Gold jewelry comes in 24k, 22k, 18k, and even 14k purity, check here to understand the difference between these.

24k gold: 24k gold is the highest form of gold purity. This means that all 24 parts are made of pure gold, without mixing any other metal. Because it holds a 99.9% purity, the color of 24k gold is distinctly bright yellow. Don’t believe if someone tells you that they sell 25k or 26k gold ornaments, 24k is what is the ultimate level of purity. For obvious reasons, 24k gold is the most expensive when compared to the other karatage of the gold. Pure gold has the innate nature of being less dense, making it very soft and malleable. Because of this reason, 24k gold isn’t a great option for making gold ornaments, however, you can purchase 24k gold coins and bars. 


22k gold: As the number indicates, in this 22 parts are of gold, while the rest of the 2 parts is some other type of metal. This is a form of gold that’s commonly used to make gold ornaments. The purity percentage of 22k is 91.67% and the rest 8.33% of it comprises nickel, zinc, silver, or other alloys. The addition of these metals makes gold stronger so that it can be easily molded into your favorite piece of ornaments, that stays durable even when worn every day. If you are looking for trendy light-weight 22k gold fine jewelry, then visit this site right here of Melorra for some great options. Keep in mind that 22k gold is not used to make diamonds or other precious and semi-precious jewelry, it is only used to make plain gold baubles. 

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18K gold: Here out of 24 parts, 18 parts are made of pure gold, while 6 parts are comprised of other mixed metals, giving it a characteristic dull yellow finish. The purity of 18k gold remains at 75% and the remaining 25% is copper or silver. This form of gold is highly desirable for making precious and semi-precious stone studded jewelry, which can be worn every day without the fear of it being damaged. As expected 18k gold is less expensive than 22k and 24k gold. 


14k gold: 14k gold is made of 58.3% pure gold, while the rest of 41.7% consists of other metals like zinc, silver, copper to name a few. The higher percentage of mixed metals gives this gold a further dull look. This form of gold is highly durable and suitable for people who are more prone to metal allergies. 


Hope the above information provided you with useful insights, and remember there is nothing like the best gold purity. It all depends on several factors like affordability, skin sensitivity, and usability. 

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