7 Types of Business You Can Start in College


If you are inspired by other successful entrepreneurs who met their brainchild and opened megabucks businesses, then starting a business in college might be your calling. When done right, starting a business in college can be an ideal way to earn money and fund your education.

The best thing about business ideas for college students is that campus is an ideal place to authenticate your product or service offering. Are you ready to start your own business with a low startup capital?

If yes, here is a comprehensive list of seven of the best business ideas for college students that you can start.

1.      Resume writing service

Jobs and internship opportunities are competitive. Most college students require an eloquent resume when applying for a summer internship or preparing for life after college. The way a resume reads and appears can impact the students’ chances of landing a job at their dream company.

First of all, your resume must be perfect so you can assure your services to fellow students. Go into your college’s campus career counseling center to learning about resume writing, and create your own. The internet can also be your essential tool to help you research for an internship essay example.

Suppose you are a competent writer with an attention to how to arrange the information. In that case, resume writing is an excellent opportunity for you to assist others and earn money during your free time.

2.      Content writing

The need for quality content for businesses is booming. There is always a surging demand for new content to promote products, build a brochure and develop a client base. College learners can comfortably start their line as copywriters without any startup funds. All you require is a good command of English and writing skills to turn into a profitable business. You can also hire fellow students on an improvised basis to help you create more good content for companies.

3.      Virtual assistant

A virtual assistant is an excellent business idea for college students since you can run this business from the comfort of your house or dorm room. When you become a virtual assistant, you will be assisting other professionals and companies with their online needs. These may include transcribing audio, converting datasets into excel, or doing simple data entry.

Due to the current market competition, however, for general virtual assistants, you can alter your charges to fit college lectures and professors. You can even provide marking services, presentation preparation, and other projects a professor wants to be done.

4.      Thesis writing

Do you love to write and have a strength in writing a paper’s thesis? If yes, offering a thesis writing service is a perfect business idea for you as a college student. You can create a website where other learners from various colleges around the country or state can send in their thesis projects, together with a deposit for the service.

Then you can write the thesis from the comfort of your house or dorm room and charge a fee for the completed work.  Most of these learners will pay handsomely for an excellent completed task since it means they will get a good grade when they highly need it.

5.      Web design and development

For businesses, having a solid online presence is very important for growth. Modern technology has evolved from offline business to using applications and social media sites to link with potential clients. Many firms, however, don’t have the time and resources to create their websites internally.

A college student turning into a web designer or developer is a great business idea with the lowest investments. You can begin as a freelance website designer by developing absorbing logo blueprints for conducting absolute web revamps. Promote your work by connecting with professors and fellow students and slowly extend to the larger community.

6.      Video creation and animation

Do you love making short animated videos and movies? YouTube and other social media video platforms have become one of the best money-making business ideas for learners. Digitalization has highly aided in making video creation and animation business bigger and better.

College students can earn money by creating their own low-cost feature videos or developing advertisements for established brands. There is also a huge potential for video marketing. Companies hire video creators to produce renowned videos for their products and services to have gamesmanship over their competitors.

7.      Jewelry maker

Jewelry making is an excellent startup business for college students. You don’t have to be an elite jeweler or make big spending to start your jewelry line. You can sharpen your creativity skills by watching online tutorials.

Start your venture with simple wearable and fashionable designs made of affordable metals such as copper or brass. Advertise your business from your campus, and slowly you can begin selling on the e-commerce site.  

Start your business today

There is no a defined age to start your entrepreneurial journey. The fortunate fact is that your college certificate is not the key to unleash your potential. Implement any of these business ideas for college students that best suit you and make your dream come true.

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