3 Best 2021 Softball Bats for Fastpitch Players


When you are shopping for the best softball or baseball equipment, you need to be sure that you are getting the best of the best. These pieces of equipment need to be dependable and should improve your game rather than be detrimental. However, it can be difficult to find the best gear for you because there’s an overwhelming amount of brands to choose from.

Fortunately at HbSports, they only carry the most dependable and reputable equipment for both baseball and softball players. No matter what kind of gear you’re looking for to better either your defensive or offensive game, they have what you’re looking for.

Some products that they have are baseball and softball bats. If you aren’t particularly interested in the 2022 bats because you don’t want to pay the hefty price or there aren’t enough reviews, don’t worry: they have plenty of 2021 options. Let’s have a look at the best three 2021 softball bats, specifically for fastpitch, so you can find the best bat for you and can stand with confidence in the batter’s box.

1. 2021 Rawlings Mantra
Is it really a surprise that a Rawlings makes the top of this list? Whether you are looking for a -10, -9, or -8 in length to weight ratio, the Mantra bat has what you need to better your offensive game. This particular bat has a revolutionary 3-barrel system in the inner barrel, which allows for maximum performance.

The outer barrel is also a force to be reckoned with because it is 15% thinner. This bat is lightweight, but powerful enough to drive the ball farther and with unparalleled ease. Plus, these bats have a technical advantage in the knobs. Each knob has a Blast Motion sensor, which gives you access to game-changing insights on swing improvement upon twisting it.

2. 2021 Louisville Slugger RXT
It’s only natural that the famous Louisville Slugger made this list as well. The RXT focuses heavily on two major aspects of your swing: weight and the sweet spot. This bat uses a Springload Connection System, which makes every swing feel stronger and more powerful without adding extra weight to the bat. Say goodbye to that irksome and painful hand-stinging!

The COPA Performance End Cap, on the other hand, provides you with a much larger sweet spot, which further drives the ball and your hand comfort. It also utilizes a revolutionary hand grip. This hand grip provides both stronger grip and cushion for your hands. This bat really allows you to focus more on driving the ball and far less on the swing itself.

3. 2021 Demarini Prism+
Demarini finds its way comfortably on our list of best 2021 softball bats for fastpitch players, and it’s really no surprise as to why. The Continuous Fiber technology within the barrel of the Prism+ permits strategically balanced swing weight. Not only that, but it adds more power in each and every swing, bringing you more powerful swings and hits.

Its Doublewall Gapped Barrel Technology furthers its powerful nature because it holds air between the double barrel design for the full length of the bat, which leads to harder driven hits. The Refract End Cap is another impressive feature on this bat, as it increases the bat’s speed when swung. You will not be disappointed having this bat at the plate!

These are just the top three 2021 softball bats for fastpitch, but there are plenty others that can improve your game as well. Be sure to check out the other fastpitch softball bats and plenty of other softball and baseball equipment at HbSports. They can’t wait to help you shine your brightest on that diamond!

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