21 Ways for Moms to Make Extra Money from Home


Making money when you are parenting needs work that accommodates the demands of your busy life. As a focused mum, you can develop a great financial solution when you get creative and determined.

One of the available jobs for stay-at-home moms is critical thinking essay writing. The job requires you to have the necessary qualifications, experience and to do lots of work before you generate good money. In this article, you will see some ideas to try as a stay home mum and make extra cash.

Do online surveys

An online survey is a popular way for stay-at-home mums to make money. The Octopus Group revolution, an online survey provider, allows you to help companies improve their products or services by giving your opinion. The Octopus Group has the highest survey cash rate.

Selling used items for profit

You can choose to sell second-hand items on eBay. If you do it right, it is a profitable side-hustle for stay-at-home mums. You can regularly visit local charity shops to look for second-hand items and later place them on eBay with your preferred price.

Become a blogger

If you use most of your time online, consider becoming a professional blogger. Most mum bloggers make money through affiliate marketing which creates an excellent passive income. Blogging is a great lifestyle choice, which allows you to make money from home.


If you love teaching, you should consider it as a way to make some cash. You can use Wyzant, an online tutoring tool that connects tutors and students globally. This tool makes online tutoring easy.

Rent a room

Whether your house is near the Central Business District (CBD) or in rural areas, you can connect with people who want new holiday destinations. You can also lease out your place when you are away from home. An extra room in your house can also be a money-making machine.

Be a dog walker

If you love pets, dog walking can be a great job to earn extra money. It is also a good way to exercise for stay-at-home mums.

Sign-up for cashback

Websites like cash rewards offer members cashback on all their goods and services. Join for free, shop, and earn cashback on every purchase.

Write for a living

If you had a passion for writing essays in school, you could finally put your skills to good use. You can get paid for Essay Editing at the comfort of your home.

Create homemade craft

Crafting and selling handmade crafts can be a fun way to make extra cash at home. You can market your craft products on eBay, Pinterest, Gumtree, or in your local market. This helps you to develop a perfect platform for selling your product.

Become a mystery shopper

As a mystery shopper, you pose to be a real customer while assessing the customer service levels an organization provides. You can be assigned to make phone calls, send emails, write letters, and visit homes, among others.

Be a personal chef

If you enjoy cooking, you could be great as a personal chef. Some busy families may not have time to cook dinner; therefore, you can make more money by offering specified meal options such as vegan or gluten-free.

Elderly caregiver

If babysitting is stressful, you can opt to be a caregiver to the elderly. You can offers services such as light cleaning, cooking, and doing errands.

House sitter

If pet sitting is not working out for you, you can choose to be a house sitter. Here, you only have to check in on people’s houses when they are away.

Traditional jobs

These jobs include being a:

  • Hairstylist
  • Dog trainer
  • Computer repair expert
  • Photographer

Personal stylist

As a personal stylist, you offer to organize closets, assist your client in dressing up for events, and go on shopping trips. If you love shopping and fashion, this could be an excellent job for you.

Social media manager

You can offer to create a social media plan for clients. You post content on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media platform.

Professional organizer

As a professional organizer, you help your clients organize their homes in the kitchen, living room, or bedrooms.


This is an excellent opportunity for mums to make money from home. This type of job requires you to have the space, patience and preferred qualifications.

Grow and sell your food

If you have enough space for gardening, you can choose to grow and sell your products. You can also supply your products to the local farmer’s market near you.

Create and sell e-books

E-books are a friendly way to publish your book. It can be a great way of making money for stay home mums.

Clean houses or offices

This is not the most splendid business, but it is excellent for stay home mums. Through this job, you can make enough money to buy groceries

As a stay home mum, try these jobs and choose the one that works for you. All you need is focus and determination on making some extra cash.

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